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Laying down on my bed and hearing the soft breathing of my wife takes me back to a more difficult time. Right now, being old a retired with nothing to worry about but our kids doing well in life, was not how mine and my wife's life used to be. We used to be, kind of, forbidden lovers. Everyone was out to get us since we were from different social standards. I was a nerd and she was the bad girl. I can't believe a simple mistake like forgetting to set my alarm for the right time is what made me actually notice Jayda. I would've never spoke to her before unless I came in late and got detention. I'm glad that my mind slipped that night. Otherwise, I wouldn't be holding her in my arms right now. Otherwise, I would've never held her in my arms. 

Here's the story on how I met my wife. How we met. In detention.

~Woosh! Going back in time in Andrew's POV! Woosh!~

My eyes opened to the light that drained into my room. That's strange. Ususally, when I go to school, it's still dark or the sun is just coming over the horizon. Why is it so bright? Do I not have school today? I rolled over in my bed, still trying to make sense of the situation since I knew that I couldn't have forgotten to set my alarm. The only times I really ever forget anything is when something dramatic happens in my life like my grandmother dying. Something along that lines, of course.

I looked at my alarm clock and read it in my mind. Tuesday, October 12, 8:47AM. I blinked and let my eyes travel a little upwards, checking the calander that I keep above my alarm clock just in case I can't read the small writing. I have nothing planned for today and it doesn't have the small 'x' near the date, which reminds me that I have no school that day. That means...

I sat up in my bed so fast I gave myself whiplash and a headahce. Holding my forehead, I jumped out of bed and got dressed in the first things my hands grazed over. After checking myself in the mirror and brushing my hair, I grabbed my reading glasses and my books and ran out of my room and to the living room, where my mom sat.

"Why didn't you wake me up?" I asked her when she stood up to stop me. 

"I thought you weren't feeling well." she said with her usual soft voice. "You never forget to set your alarm. I thought you were just going to sleep all day."

I shook my head. "No. I did forget to set my alarm and now I'm late for school. Please, move." she got into her pocket and handing me a mint, getting out of my way. I smiled, popped it into my mouth, and then ran like my life depended on it because to me, it did.

I hated the fact that I lived so far away from the school. It's like two miles away. I missed the bus and I'm not taking the risk of driving with the panic attack I was having. But I needed to get to school, like, really, really badly. So, like any other smart student, I ran for it. Down the streets, past the mean people of the streets, running into a lot of people but not having enough time to apologize, and just making it to the other side of the street before the green 'walk' sign turned red and the street light changed. I hated running. I wasn't athletic at all and I was glad that I did gym class for my freshman year, otherwise I'd still have to breath hard and get balls thrown at me all the time. 

By the time I got to school, I was breathing hard with a flushed face and jello legs. Great thing about this school, though, was it was only on story high. We only had about 400 students, so it isn't like we need that much space, anyway. Nukem High School was a good school, even though it housed some of the worst students in the world. Like Corey Denten. He got in trouble at least once a day, maybe more. He and his friends were absolutely the worse of the school. But I think they all come short to Jayda Perrie. She's the rudest, meanest, wrose trouble maker in this whole school. I would completely avoid her, but I have second period with her. The period that I'm missing, actually.

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