A Deep Hole Part 37

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7th September 2018 All Rights Reserved


Jenny POV...

We have been here on Orange for just over a week when Daniel got a call about a problem on one of the sites. It meant that he had to go and sort it out. So after quickly packing a backpack, he had his father drive him to the airport so he could get his plane ready for the flight over to Perth in Western Australia where this particular job was.

So after a few hugs and kisses, he was gone again.

But we're use to it. It also meant that we get to spend more time here with the kids grandparents and Mum and Nan can catch up a lot too. Geoffrey and Pop also got on well. They were always talking about something or rather. Most of the time, I have no idea what it's about so I assume it must be a mans thing.

But I have to say, it's been really nice spending time here with the family. I imagine that Daniel would be missing us all too since he was really looking forward to spending this time down here with them. And us too of course.

Nan kept everyone occupied doing things around the house over the next few days. That was good as I hadn't been feeling the best for some reason. I might have to go and visit one of the local doctors I think if this sickness keeps it up.

I must have obviously showed I wasn't well in some way as Ma soon noticed that I couldn't keep anything down and right quickly made an appointment at the medical centre for me. And to make sure I was going to go, she was going to take me.

The kids were all fine spending time between the two houses spending time with the family. It was hilarious at times when Julianne kept calling the triplets or twins her nieces or nephews when they weren't that much younger than herself. She made us all laugh when she carried on that way.

Sure enough, Joy was waiting for me the next morning to take me bright and early to the doctors. The only thing I demanded of her was that no one was to call Daniel. It was probably nothing anyway that a few days rest won't fix. Dad was going to stay and keep an eye on the kids that were roaming the place.

So there we were waiting for the doctor to call my name and Ma was filling me in on what is happening with who in the family. Some of the things she was telling me had me laughing somewhat.

"Mrs Thoms." A voice called out which caused me to look up and see a nurse standing there with a clip board.

I got up with a last smile at Ma and followed the nurse who took be into the back of the medical unit where the rooms were and invited me in to one of them and after taking my blood pressure and temperature, she gave me a little jar to pee in and pointed to where the toilet was and said when I was finished to come back into this room and wait for the doctor.

So I did as she said for me to do and I really have to say that they don't make these jars geometrically or anatomically correct for ladies to use when they have to pee in them. It's alright for men, they just aim and shoot.

Anyway, it was a few minutes before I was back in that room where the nurse was waiting to take my little sample for whatever testing they will be doing. So I sat down and waited for whichever doctor to come in.

"Hello, Mrs Thoms. I'm Dr David." He introduced himself. "What's been happening?" He asked me as he sat down in front of me on the doctors chair.

After telling him how tired and sick I've been feeling, he made a few notes then asked me to hop up on the examination bed and pull up my top and unbutton my jeans.

"They are pull up jeans, I'm too tired for the real kind lately." I say to him as I pull up my shirt to just below my breasts and lowered my jeans to just above my pubic area.

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