Chapter 22 | Sea of Lost Lovers

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A very LONG 6k chapter as a reward for all my lovelies for getting us to 6k views on this book.. Somebody pinch me I'm dreaming! Thank you :3 (yeah that was actually a coincidence, but nonetheless I hope you enjoy! You guys were worth it!)

(The middle - ending literally killed me in more than one way, But that could just be me LOL.)

"For what it's worth.... I don't think your half bad." Emma's voice cracks as she watches Killian gaze up at the constellations above with his arms folded behind his head.

"Is that so?" He chuckles darkly "After kidnapping you, tying you up and being about to deliver you to the Queen herself on bended knee, I'm not half bad? I think your definition of good must be awfully unclear."

Emma rolls her eyes, "First of all, I am no child - I wasn't kidnapped, I was abducted."

"Mm Whatever you say lass. Now, before I get comfortable for the night is there anything I can get you?"

"Water wouldn't hurt." Or maybe some melatonin. She sighs under her breath, wishing for some of the luxuries of the modern world she grew up in. Such as indoor plumbing, she can't wait until that becomes a hit.

"A what?" Killian asks curiosly, raising a brow at her weird words.

Stumbling around in her mind for a way to explain it in terms he'll understand."It's like a mini sleeping curse from the land I grew up in.. But it wears off naturally by morning."

"Hmph" He nods, before going over to her a cup with fresh water. Bringing it to her she struggles to get a drink since her hands are still tied behind her back, spilling most of it down her chin. "Here love," He offers, tilting the cup for her carefully so she can drink at an easy pace.

"Thank you." Emma says catching her breath before another voice interrupts, causing Killian to turn.

"Sir, the rest of the men and I are going to ride ahead to scout the trail for the morning, you and Mcdalvon better stay here with the girl as usual." After Killian replies he turns back to her before dumping out the remains of the cup and settling back down by his pack not far from her.

"Now," He starts clearing his throat. "It looks as though we have a bit of time on our hands, so why don't you tell me about yourself love."

Emma laughs "Mm- a nice little bit you can put on my grave stone after I'm handed over to the Queen? How thoughtful leuiftenant."

"Aye Something like that. Now, I don't believe I've gotten your name. And a gravestone without a name would scream sloppy, wouldn't you agree darling?... So do you Mind sharing?"

After pondering on if she should or not, she decides to take a leap of faith."My names Emma. Emma Swan."

Absentmindedly he rubs his jaw, causing her stomach to flip. "Emma. Aye, it suits you lass."

"And I don't believe I caught yours?"

" ex-lieutenant Killian Jones at your service." He purrs, while mocking a bow from his seat.
Just then he reaches behind him for his flask, taking a couple swigs from it. The smell of spiced liquor assaults her senses, After some time of silence she dares to ask something that's been on her mind for awhile. "What is it like? To be on the sea, I've never been."

"I gives you a sense of freedom, like your skin is the only thing keeping you in one place, keeping you from going anywhere and everywhere all at once; And a thrill of the unknown adventures that await...its bloody Marvelous."

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