Just a fan

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A/N in this one shot, you are just a fan going to see G-eazy in concert, your best friend had gotten you VIP tickets and so you meet him...
Your POV
I am so freckin excited for the G-eazy concert! I got ready for it and put on a white shirt with a jacket over it and then curled my hair and put on some makeup, then slipped on some vans.
I drove to the concert two hours early and there was of a long line. I ran to the end of the line and then it started getting super long. It went down at least five blocks. It was a large venue, and outside, so yeah many people are coming. He doesn't usually come to (S/N) (state name). So everybody wants to seem him before he goes to a million other states.
~~time pass~~
I heard G-eazy was going to be at the merchandise table signing autographs and stuff. So that's the first thing I went to, quickly. I ran for the table and saw him, i almost cried of fangirling. I walked up to him blushing madly and said," Can i have a When It's Dark Out jacket?" He smiled and nodded. I blushed more when he accidentally touched my hand. I bit my lip and grabbed it slipping off my other one and put the When It's Dark Out jacket on. I couldn't find the other sleeve so he said,"Here let me help you with that." He grabbed the other sleeve and you shakily put your arm in." T-thank you." I said as he fixed the collar for me and stuff. He smiled and said," It's no problem." I blushed so hard, my face probably looked like a tomato." You look really nice and cool with that jacket on." He smiled." Thanks." I said." Well I should probably go now, concert will be starting in like twenty minutes." I nodded," Yeahhhh...I should probably get a spot." I walked off and I felt him stare at me. He pulled me back and kissed my cheek, and that's when I froze. I tried to walk, but ya know, i almost tripped on my own feet.
~~time pass~~
I finally could walk again, but some of the time I was just blushing. I stopped blushing when I saw another guy start sing and cheered. People were grinding next to me, and it was even a fucking slow song. What the hell!" What's up (S/N)?!" The dude asked." Hey." I mumbled. He chuckled and yelled," WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON (S/N)?!!!!!!" Eveyone screamed. I rolled my eyes and started to walk farther to the stage. I quickly held onto a cute dude, but he looked dangerous so I put my hand off him. He glared at me and smirked.
Finally the concert started and eveyone cheered. The guy started singing a song. Wait just a moment! I know this song! Poetic Justice! It's Kendrick Lamar! I fangirled, I really like his music! I sang along and danced.
~~~another time pass~~~
The concert had ended and i was sad, but then i got to see G-eazy! YAY!!! I walked to the VIP lounge and looked around, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around immediately." O-oh h-Hey G-eazy." He smiled," You can call me Gerald if you want." I smiled," Ok." We then started talking.
Gerald and I became really great friends and I gave him my number and he gave his to me. I smiled and he hugged me," It was great meeting you, (Y/N)." "You too, Gerald."
A/N sorry it kind of took me a while to write this, cause I was lazy, and kind of had no ideas for this one shot. But, yay! Finally updated! ;D
Well bye my young Geralds!

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