Chapter 22 - Gemini's Brief Dream

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Next Morning
(Gemini POV)

Me And TD Was In The Living Room Watching The Game And Chilling While The Girls Did There Thing... Whatever They Were Doing...

"Gem Do You Here Crying?" TD Asked Me. I Muted
The TV So I Could Hear What TD Was Hearing.

"I Think Its Sobbs Not Crying" I Said.

"Cheeks Are You Crying Again?" TD Asked.

Then We Heard Sniffles And Headed Towards The Kitchen To Find Tay Sitting On The Floor With A Plate With Bread Slices On It And A Empty Bottle Of Mayo And Ketchup And A Bag Of Sliced Ham.

"Why You On The Floor Baby?" I Asked Her As I Helped Her Up And Made Her Sit On The Stool.

"I Felt Comfortable" She Said.

"You Could've Asked Me To Come Make You Something To Eat" I Said.

"I Didn't Want To Bother You?" She Said.

"But Why Were You Crying?" I Asked Tay.

"I Don't Know" She Said As Tears Continued To Rain Down Her Face.

"I Think Its The Baby Hormones" TD Whispered To Me.

"Tay What Is It Now?" Tion Asked Coming Into The Room. "Did Something Run Out?" She Asked Tay.

"There's No More Mayonnaise" Tay Said Causing Me And TD To Bust Out Laughing. I Swear This Pregnant Thing Is Hilarious For Some Reason It's Causing So Many Emotions. Tay Once Cried Cause I Told Her No Cause She Wanted Another Subway Sandwich After She Ate 2 Already.

Tion And Tay Gave Me And TD The Look And We Immediately Stopped Laughing.

"Sorry Babe" I Said Going Over To Tay And Attempting To Wrap My Arms Around Her.

"It's Taylor" She Said As She Tried Pushing My Arms Away But I Just Held On.

"You Mad At Me?" I Asked Her.

"You Were Laughing At Me" She Said Sounding Like A Baby With Her Little Cute Self.

"I Said I Was Sorry" I Said.

"I Dont Care" She Said As She Still Tried To Remove My Arms. "Let Me Go" She Said.

"I Ain't Letting You Go Till You Forgive Me" I Said Kissing Her Cheek.

"Lemme Lone" She Said Covering Her Cheeks. Before I Could Place Another One On Her Cheek Instead I Kissed Her Hand. Then I Kissed Her Forehead Before She Could Cover It.

"Stop" She Said.

"What You Want Me To Do?" I Asked Her.

"Go Buy Me Some Mayonnaise" She Said. "Please" She Added.

"Gimmie Kiss First" I Told Her As I Puckered My Lips Out To Her.

She Then Kissed My Lips... "Another One" I Said Then I Got Another One And 2 More After That.

"Now Go Buy Me My Mayo" She Said.

"Would That Be All?" I Asked Her.

"Some Cookies From McDonalds And 2 Hershey Pies From Burger King" She Said. What She Think I Am A Grocery Boy. "Please" She Said.

"You Lucky I Love You" I Told Her.

"Momma Bear You Want Anything?" TD Asked Tion.

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