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What would you do if you were cursed to dance every night from midnight till your feet would bleed?

Would you fight the curse that you were born with or dance under its spell?

“Girls focus, focus! Abigail look where you’re putting your feet, Serafina straight back, Oh Giselle stop day dreaming and start stretching!”  demanded Mrs Night, my professional ballet teacher.

I sighed to myself as I stretched my leg on the beam resting my hand on my toes, careful to not wince every time I moved my feet so that Mrs Night wouldn’t see.

I looked over my shoulder to see Mrs Night shouting at my dance group to pay attention.

I chuckled,  watching my friends with horrified faces, trying to do leap jumps in the air but failing miserably, only to end up pulling a muscle and screaming out in pain.

I suddenly turned my attention to me feet and started to feel nauseous again.

Urgg! Same as always, wrapped in bloody bandages, hoping they would blend in unnoticed with my red ballet shoes.

People would take one look at me and think my life is perfect! Why, because I have a huge house with no one to stay in it but me and my little sister, pretty  features that make girls jealous, and well, my dancing. But, to tell the truth my life will NEVER BE ANYWHERE near perfect, it’s a living hell!

Hearing Mrs Night’s soothing voice made me snap out of my daydreaming and quickly put my long, golden, curly hair into a loose bun and started doing pirouettes trying to perfect each and every one of them.

Once an hour of ballet practise was over I huffed and puffed, trying to get my breath back.

I slung my bag over one shoulder and smiled as I saw Alice texting as she leaned against the wall waiting for me, her radiant red hair blowing in the wind.

“Ah, Miss Lucinda off in a hurry are we? I just wanted to say well done and I loved your pirouettes!” said Mrs Night with a twinkle in her eye.

“Thankyou Mrs Night!” I said smiling and slowly walked away.

“Hey Lucy, good lesson?” asked Alice smiling while giving me a bear hug

“Great! So I’m guessing you had a run in with Brent?” I asked winking which her making her blush.

Brent had been her crush ever since year five and now we are in year 11 and she finally had the guts to talk to him and they have started going out and everyone thinks that their the cutest couple in the school.

“How’s Tiana?” I asked walking to our next class.

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