Forn's Hobbits

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Merry and Pippin stuck nearly like glue to Legolas' side and they would not leave, even though Legolas constantly told them that Forn was still asleep (but he didn't tell them that it was his fault that she had stayed up late)

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Merry and Pippin stuck nearly like glue to Legolas' side and they would not leave, even though Legolas constantly told them that Forn was still asleep (but he didn't tell them that it was his fault that she had stayed up late).

"Is she awake now?" Pippin asked as Legolas adjusted his bow.

"No," Legolas answered and he gently touched her mind, he withdrew quickly though, Legolas was not one to want to know what went on in dragon's heads when they dreamed. "I promise you Master Took, that when she wakes, I will let you know. "

When who wakes? Forn's tired voice rumbled through his head. If it isn't important I wish to go back to sleep.

You, Forn. Legolas answered.

Oh. Does this mean I have to get up?

"She has waken," Legolas said stopping his stride and the Hobbits nearly smashed into him. "And she is making her way to the clearing in which you first met her. Come on then, Master Hobbits, if we do not hurry we will keep her waiting." With that Legolas strode off, the Hobbits running to keep pace with him.

Forn was waiting when they got there. She was curled up, her head resting on her tail, her eyes unblinking as she watched them approach. Legolas grabbed the Hobbit's arm to hold them back as Forn uncurled. She stretched before laying on her stomach, trying to get eye level with the Hobbits.

"She says hello," Legolas said and released the Hobbit's arms. They rushed forward their eyes wide with excitement and they started chattering with her. Forn did the best she could answering their stream of question without having to use Legolas as a translator, she did have to ask them to only use yes or no questions (using Legolas of course).

Soon the Hobbits has climbed onto her back and Legolas strapped them into the saddle and Forn took off, leaving Legolas alone on the ground. He watched her fly around, sinking onto the ground.

"Do you ever get jealous?" Aragorn asked, sitting onto the ground next to Legolas. Legolas looked over at him, not all that surprised that he came out of pretty much nowhere.

"Jealous?" Legolas echoed, not quite understanding.

"That the Hobbits are allowed to ride Forn, yet you are not."

"I am allowed to ride her, I just want her to rest her wing. It was never fully healed. I was going to ask Lord Elrond to take a look at it, but Forn insists that she is fine."

"If you would like, I can look at it," Aragorn offered before turning his gaze back to the sky.

"I would, thank you."


Forn complained the whole time Aragorn looked at her wing, of course Aragorn couldn't hear her, but Legolas sure could and he wasn't about to translate her complaints. Finally Aragorn turned to Legolas.

"She should be fine to carry your weight, plus a little extra, but any more than that would strain too much on her wing. So in other words, I nor Boromir can ride her since we both weigh more than you," Aragorn explained. Legolas nodded and laid a hand on Forn's neck.

"Okay, thank you." Aragorn nodded and took his leave. Legolas sunk to the ground, his back leaning against Forn's leg. "Don't hurt yourself," Legolas said before standing up and starting to make his way to Rivendell. Forn just watched him go, unsure what was making him so stressed.


Gandalf was sitting and smoking his pipe right outside of Rivendell as Legolas walked up the steps. Although Gandalf was part of the Fellowship he seemed to show no interest in meeting Forn, in fact he had never come to visit her. Not that Legolas minded, he hadn't really expected any of the Fellowship to show.

"Mithrandir," Legolas said bowing his head. "I did not expect to meet you here."

"I was told you were in the woods by Aragorn, Lord Elrond gave me this letter to gift you." Gandalf handed Legolas a tightly rolled scroll. "Also, we leave tomorrow morning, this is your last chance to back out."

"Back out?" Legolas echoed but the old man was already walking away from him and offered no answer. Legolas turned to the scroll that Gandalf gave to him, his fingers hovering uncertainly at the seal. He recognized the seal as that of his father's yet he still waved when it came to open it. He turned suddenly, crushing the note in his palm and made his way back to the clearing at which Forn was still sitting.

You don't want to be given the option of backing out? Forn asked gently as Legolas spilled everything that he was thinking to her. Legolas nodded.

This is important and my father won't deal with the darkness, this is the only way to vanquish the darkness once and for all. I cannot be distracted from the bigger picture.

Then don't be. Don't open the note, what you don't know can't hurt you. Set the note on the ground and let me rid the burden from you. Legolas did as she asked, setting the scroll onto the forest floor. Forn leaned over it and blew a small puff of fire onto it. The note caught fire and together they watched it burn, when Forn deemed it unreadable she set a hand onto the embers, killing the fire.

What if it was important? What if they need me?

King Thranduil is more than capable of taking care of his kingdom. If anything is happening in Mirkwood he is more than capable of taking care of the problem without you. Focus on the Fellowship, that is your task.

Thank you Forn... I'm going to start packing, Mithrandir has mentioned that we are leaving tomorrow morning.

And then sleep little one, I know you haven't been sleeping well and doubt rest will be easier on the road.

Legolas nodded distractly before turning away from Forn and starting towards Rivendell.

And little one?

Legolas turned back to Forn.

Don't worry too much, everything will be fine, I'll make sure of it.

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