Chapter 1 Bot Fight

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"GO HIRO!" I watched as Hiro's bot ripped the other one to shreds. He won and took the money he won. I see the men approaching us.

"Uh Hiro I think we should go." I say pointing to the exit. Hiro turns to see Yama order them to teach us a lesson. They walk towards us grinning and cracking there knuckles. Were cornered.

"In order to get to him you need to get through me." I say smirking at them. They laugh and one swings at me I grab there fist and twist hearing the bones crack. He screams in pain. The others lung at me resulting in a punch to the face and a soon to be sore stomach. I turn and look at Hiro.

"Come on we have to go." I say grabbing his hand as I turn around. I feel a sharp pain on my eye and tumble backwards. The guy swings again catching my lip. He lifts me up by the front of my shirt. I put my arms up and slip out of it. I always and I mean always wear a tank top underneath. I grab Hiro's hand again and pull him away from the men.

"Hiro! Y/n! Get on!" I see Tadashi the motorcycle that I always saw.

"Tadashi! Oh good timing!" Hiro yelled as he jumped on grabbing my hand. He pulled me on and we took off placing the helmeted on our heads. I hear a buzzing behind us and reach my hand out. I feel Hiro's bot hop into my hand.

"Here you go." I say handing him the robotic devil. He nods.

"Are you okay?" Tadashi asks.

"Yeah!" We say in unison.

"Are you hurt?" I cover Hiro's mouth and answer with a no. I let go as Tadashi starts ranting to Hiro and elbowing him. He swings the bike around as we reach a dead end. We zoom off again the other way.

"You guys graduate highschool at thirteen and this what your doing!" I nod smirking. We hear laughing. Yama and his goons are coming right at us.

"Hold on!" We ride up the ramp flying up into the air. Hiro and I look at our reflections.

"Wo ho! Yes!" Hiro yells. I laugh. We land with a bounce and Tadashi continues his rant.

"Bot fighting is illegal your gonna get your self arrested." Hiro rolls his eyes.

"Bot fighting is not illegal. Now betting on bot fighting. Thats- that's illegal." Hiro says in a matter of fact tone while sticking his hand out. I giggle resulting in a smirk from Hiro. He pulls out the thick wad of cash.

"But its all worth it. I'm on a roll big brother!" Hiro exclaims leaning on Tadashi's shoulder.

"And there is no stopping me!" He yelled throwing his hands in the air. He almost pushed me off the bike.

He spoke to soon.

"Oh no." Tadashi muttered as we bolted to a stop in front of police sirens. I attempt to hide behind Hiro but one grabs my wrist yanking me off.

"Hey! Be gental with her!" Hiro yelled as they shoved us into the cop car.

Time skip

Hiro and I sat in the cell alone. He chuckled nervously and wavved at Tadashi who was in a cell full of ruff and tough bot fight betters who looked mad.

Hiro clicked his shoes together. Yama laughed.

"Clicking your shoes won't get you home Dorthy." He said with a smirk and a glare. I sent a glare of my own his way causing him and his men to squeal scardly. I swear one even pooped themselves.

They let us go and we were meet with an worried Aunt Cass. We walked onto the curb.

"Hi aunt Cass." We said in unison. She looked at us and ran to Hiro and Tadashi engulfing them in a hug.

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