Yes, I'm actually going to do a rant about this. Well, its not a rant per say but it depends on what you get out of it. As for the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag, here's my two cents: IT'S STUPID. Yeah, there was a lot of white/black jokes but honestly, if you can't accept the fact that comedy is based off misery and is supposed to offend, then please move all the way to Alaska, where your sensitives can't hurt you.

With that out of the way:

I love this game.

Like really.

Most of you know the plot by now but if you don', read on anyway, see if it interests you. I actually was introduced to this game through Markplier. (AND NOW I OWN THE FUCKING GAME THANK YOU DAD *fireworks noises*)

To be honest, I already got the entire game spoiled by the time I actually got to play it but that doesn't mean that my heart wasn't racing throughout the entire thing. Like, it was that intense. Granted, it was my first time playing a shooting-based game (and that too, on a PS4. Hell, this was my first time playing on a PS4), so my opinions are kind of biased. The intense moments were intense, the emotional moments were emotional and the rare comedy was realistically hilarious.

Believe it or not, the outbreak from this game is actually real. Except it does not affect humans in real life. And it's only existent in animals. But admit it, it's still creepy.

I can't say I cared too much about Henry and Sam. (He he...sorry XD)

For those of you who have played the game know about the car scene with Joel and Ellie, right? After they get the car from Bill, Joel finds out that that Ellie stole a few magazines from his place, and turns out that one of them was a porn magazine for gay people. So believe me when I say that when Ellie asked, "Why are they all stuck together?" I was laughing my head off like a maniac cause I knew what she meant by "sticking together".




And the Ellie, who turns out to be the biggest troll, just says, "I'm just fucking with you" and throws the magazine out the window.

(If you want to watch it, here's the clip:)

(This is one of the main reasons why Ellie is such an awesome character. Because that would so be me if I was put in her situation. Well, maybe not as badass but her sarcastic remarks would so be me.)

Admittedly, the game is kind of linear, but this is a story based gameplay. And besides, there is a lot of cool stuff about the way it puts you right in the moment. I tried playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (it came with the PS4 don't kill me) right after I finished the DLC Left Behind and the adrenaline rush that TLOU gave me just wasn't there in COD. For example, the crafting in the game was actually relevant to the game. It's not like you had an arsenal of stuff to begin with, and HOLY SHIT WHY DO I NOT HAVE ENOUGH SHIVS AND MOLOTOVS

*ahem* Sorry, that was me whining about not collecting enough material to create them. As I was saying: Since its a survival game, you actually had to collect stuff that was lying around. Because of this, there was a lot of exploring to search for those items. When you were crafting something, you had to decide which was much more needed at that moment.


I think a lot of reviewers have said this but this game relies a lot on stealth movement. For example, when you encounter a group of clickers, Infected or hell, even humans who are just assholes at this point, your two choices are to either hide and try to not get noticed as you move through and stealth kill your enemies to your destination, or just outright try to fight them, which I wouldn't recommend unless you're really good with guns and you have a good idea on how to take them out.

Joel and Ellie have got to be the best duo I have seen in ages. I mean, here you have Joel, who *BLEEEP CAUSE SPOILERS* at the beginning of the outbreak (I'm not kidding, this is literally the first few minutes of the game) and Ellie, who is the hope for saving mankind. How that is, I won't tell you but you'll really like this character. Their relationship throughout the game is amazing. If this got turned into a movie, you could just use all of the scenes between gameplay and the audiences would probably be satisfied.

My favorite chapter of the game was Winter. Again, I know this may be a lot of other people's favorite but I really do think that it deserves that distinction. One thing many people note: YOU GET TO PLAY AS ELLIE


(I really didn't like that bow and arrow. I was more of the shotgun/Molotov person. No wait, on second thought, the bow and arrow was a huge help. XD)

The second reason why I love this chapter is because it was kind of like a huge development for both Joel and Ellie. Ellie has to escape this crazy maniac David (voiced by Nolan North) which, admittedly, is my favorite part of the game. The scene where Ellie was practically hacking the guy to pieces, was kind of hard to watch. aAHAHAHA The think I find incredible about this game is that whenever something like that happens and it cuts right into another chapter like Spring, the effects of the previous chapter kind of just lingers there. I think it's more than effective because one, you see the effect it has on the characters in the current chapter that you are in. Two, it also has the effect on you because of the way the game is setup. It makes you fully immersed in the story, almost to the point that when the characters get a chance to breathe for a bit, so do you.

(By the way, Troy Baker, the guy who did Joel? Yeah, he's the voice dub actor for Greed-Ling in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Mind. Blown.)

I love Left Behind. It was an awesome addition and plus, the DLC came with the game (I have the Remastered version so yeah) so I didn't have to pay an extra $10 dollars for it. But even if I did, it would have been so worth it.

I would say more about it but this rant/something is long enough already. I think I'd better stop here XD

So what do you think? Have you played the game? Also this is just out of curiosity but what do you guys think are my strongest and weakest rants? Comment below and let me know! :D

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