Aaron's POV

Most of my life I have been called only one thing and that is "abnormal". I have a condition where I was born with my sense of touch is dulled. Basically, I don't feel pain or even when people give me a gentle touch. How did my parents find out you might ask? Well, it's easy when you find your child not laughing when you tickle them or even when they get really hurt they never cry. My parents thought that it was something that will come and go at the beginning but then it didn't. Unlike my siblings, I was unable to smile and laugh or even cry because I couldn't feel.

As I grew up it helped and harmed me in many ways. It helped me in not feeling pain and not being hurt but it also harmed me because I couldn't tell when I truly hurt myself or someone else badly. My parents tried to help me a lot but it never really worked because as I always thought "if I can't feel it then I won't know it's there". When I looked, my sister, when she played with my father and he used to tickle her I wished I could feel it too because she looked happy at the time. Even when my brother or sister cried because the got hurt I still wished I could feel it because at least then it would truly prove to me that I'm alive. So far I think of myself no better than a cyborg because I truly feel nothing.

My name is Aaron Whitman. I'm sixteen years of age and a junior in high school. I have one brother named Jayson and a sister named Annabella. I have no friends because I don't feel the need for any and also because people see me as an abomination. But too bad I don't feel hurt because they forgot that I don't feel anything. My whole family is normal except me because I'm unfeeling.

Word Count: 336


I unpublished this story until I fix it and change it because I want it to be complete when I publish it here like my other story 'Hating You'. I hope you guys understand and don't feel angry!


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