Jeff Makes Appearance in a New Book

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Jeff Lambert Makes and Appearance in The Devil Dogs by @thumandgloom

Hi Readers! There is a hidden 'easter egg" in Devil Dogs by .@thumandgloom Jeff Lambert makes an appearance in Chapter 2 of the story! I love this book. The writing is beautiful and the story is so powerful. The book can be found in my library or here

The Devil Dogs

Al Simmons was a dust bowl refugee who came to California looking for work. He left California on a troop ship, headed for Guam.

Yukio Nagata was Japanese by heritage, but an American by birth. Her parents came to California looking for freedom and opportunity. Instead they were confined to an internment camp.

Al and Yukio had one thing in common: a Doberman Pinscher that once belonged to Yukio and now belonged to the U.S. Marines Corps. Al wrote letters to Yukio, re-assuring her of her former pet's safety as he fought beside the animal across the terrible battlefields of the Pacific. Those letters formed a bond between Al and Yukio that would eventually grow into love.

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