9. Need

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"Lilly, what are you doing?" Ben asks getting up from my bed.

Snuggling inside my jacket and tying the scarf around my neck, I search for my boots.


"Ben! Do you need anymore proof? Delcan needs help."

"Whoa ,Lilly!" He raises his hand like a stop sign, "You are not going anywhere."

I smack my forehead and the tears stream down.

Shaking my head I beg, "Please Ben. I can't lose him."


And he immediately shuts his mouth with his hand with eyes wide.

No one till now had said what he had just said. It was 'Delcan is no more.' 'He is gone.' No one had said aloud that Delcan is dead. Because saying it would be the final. The full stop to the Delcan chapter.

Ben looks upset but not guilty. It seems as if he is fed up with me.

"Be rational, Lilly. Delcan is no more. He is buried six feet under."

I stare at him and then the phone I'm holding. And it hits me like a thunderstorm.

A hope shines.

"Ben.Ben." I rant his name with a smile creeping on my face.

Ben looks worried and scared and holds my hands.

"Did anyone, ANYONE , see Delcan's body?"

Ben's face shows fear and then realization dawns on him.

I nod,"Exactly, no one was shown Delcan's body. Ms. Jeff and the police were the only one to see, if it is the truth. Ben, all we know is that something fishy is going on. Maybe Delcan is not dead. The police might be lying. What if he has escaped Ben? From-from where he was held captive all along.What if he is still alive?"

Ben remains quiet his eyes widening with each sentence.

"And he needs our help. And I am going to help him." I say firmly.

Ben shuts his eyes and takes a deep breath leaving my hand.

"Delcan is dead. I am sure of that. I know he's because I saw him dead."

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