Chapter 1

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A girl is sitting on a king sized bed in her wedding outfit.....seems its her 1st night.

Nandini POV

Calm down Nandu.Breathe in breathe out....hmmm
I have just closed my eyes doing the breath exercise that a man entered and shut and bolted it behind him.I just can't control my breathe its increasing.I m feeling like my heart will blast in a minute.He directly started coming towards me.God please someone stop him......
Oh God! I m sweating thank God he can't see my face due to this ghunghat.He is sitting on the I will run away.He is trying to hold my he held it.
Is it my name......Yes it is but why he taking my name...????
"Nandini, we are not married in normal condition but since we r together we have to adjust and we both will have to compromise but I want assure u no matter what happens I will always stand with u."
Oh God!He is so good and what I was thinking.I m so lucky.
Ooh again he took my good it feels from his sounds heavenly....
"Nandini, do u trust me? I know this is a stupid question bt...." He removed my ghunghat.....Do I trust him.....Yes surely after all he is my husband.....I do trust him.
I nodded and he raised my chins to claim my lips.I bend backward and.....DHAM

Aaah.....Oh shit I was dreaming.What hell??? Nandu how can u dream these bullshits....Remember u hate him and he to.....doesn't matter as I don't care about his feelings.
She gets up to change her dress as a newly wedded bride she was not interested in waiting for a person whom she hates.
Knock Knock.....!!
Seems he has arrived.....Now I will have to bear him I don't even want to see his face.


She opens the door but finds Mukti her younger nanad (sister in law) standing there with a glass of milk.

Mu: Sorry bhabhi to disturb u....actually we forgot to keep the milk in ur room.

N: Its Ok Mukti, please come inside.Please don't call me bhabhi Nandini sounds better it u don't mind.

Mu: I would prefer Nandu if u don't mind.

N: Not at all rather I would love that.

Mu: May I ask something?

N: Sure dear.

Mu: Have u ever talked to bhai??


N: Hello

M: This is Manik Malhotra.I m not at all interested in either talking to u or marrying u.So reject the proposal.

N: Listen.....Hello.......Hello

The call disconnected.


N: No.

Mu: U know bhai is like a coconut.Hard from outside and soft from inside.He can do anything for the person he loves.He is a bit introvert but his love and trust can be easy won with love and trust.He gets angry very fast but please don't give up on this relationship because u both are perfect for each other.

N: I will try.

"Mukti, get out of my room"

Mu: Bhai.....oho so despo. Obviously I m going....u both enjoy.

Manik shot his angry glares on him and she ran away.


N: Manik leave me....u r trying to rape me.

M: No sweetheart, we r legally married and I hav all rights on u.This is just fulfilling our duty.

N: Manik leave me please...u can't do anything with me without my will.

M: Do u think it matters to me what u feel.What matters to me now is I want u....ur body.

Nandini tried to escape but it was just impossible for her to even move move his body.Manik pinned her hands and............precap over.

Hehe....precap chota sa hota h so how is it?
Hope u liked it.

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