Chapter 18 - Attack

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Last chapter:

"All ready?" asked Tag.

"Ready." said eight of us.

Becca finally managed to attach the extra magazines. "Ready."

"Ok, let's kick some sucking zombie ass!!" yelled Tag as he kicked open the door.

So many zombies past the fence trying to find a way in. A couple already had and were wondering around aimlessly. WERE wondering around aimlessly. Now they had a target.

"Let's roll." I said, and we opened fire.


An endless sea of zombies met us as we passed through that door.

To take the metaphor slightly further, you could possibly say that the sea looked like a beautiful pane of glass. Well actually, the sea can never look like a pane of glass. Glass is smooth, people!

I would probably describe it as a writhing mass of blue/grey cockroaches. Not exactly as poetic, but there you have it.

But I'm getting off topic. Back to the zombies.

They were everywhere. Anywhere I turned, I was faced with a mass of them.

Thank god there was a fence in the way. But, as it turned out, there wouldn't be for long. Soon enough, they would be clawing their way in, and nothing would be standing between us and the zombies. Nothing. Nothing at all.

With my scorpion in my hand, I started mowing down zombies. I would have been a lot more successful if I had a better gun. What the hell was I thinking?!

A zombie closed in on me, blackened flesh hanging limply from its lifeless head, cloudy white eyes and froth coming out of its mouth.

I whacked it with the butt if the gun and kicked it in the stomach. As it was doubled over, I sent a single bullet through its brain.

A second zombie, missing half of a skull ran towards me. I could see the brain, like something out of Dead End. Except this time it was a zombie. (If anyone has seen that scene of Dead End, then tell me: HOW THE HELL DID YOU SURVIVE?!?)

I recon the next thing I did was one of the most horrific thing I've ever done in my life. I punch the head of the zombie on it's left side, and plunge my hand into the brain. I clawed out a bit and the zombie collapsed onto the floor in a heap.

For the next zombie, I couldn't even be bothered to punch it. I just started spraying bullets everywhere.

"Eat lead, brains mother brainsers!!"

"What?" yelled Saul.

"Eat lead, you mother f**kers!!"

"Um, right..."

The blood and flesh was flying everywhere. I almost threw up, but I gagged on the sick and decided that I actually kinda preferred the hand to hand combat.

I punched a hole through one of the zombies, kicked the knees of another and punched it's head, and with a karate chop against a zombie with a very loose neck, I chopped it's head off completely.

The fight reached it's climax as I punched a hole through the chest of two zombies at a time, ripping out both their hearts. This was the climax, as it was at this point that the zombies, slow as their brains were noticed something.

It was also the moment where Bill, fast as his brain was, also noticed something.

In the fight, I had clawed out a zombie's brain, ripped out 3 hearts, karate chopped a zombie's head of, and a LOT more. This was something... let's go with 'out of the ordinary'.

The zombies slowly started to retreat, back to the fences. A few made lunges but were killed by sprays of bullets.

Fortunately, Bill was the only one of us that had noticed what I was doing. He was doing better than me, because I didn't notice any of what I was doing, and everyone else was to busy focusing on the now retreating zombies.

"OK, I think it's safe to say we need some bigger weapons." said Tag.

Suddenly, there was a high pitched noise and a buzzing, radiowaves appeared in my head, and I clutched my ears and screwed my yes shut, as did everyone else.

A voice rang out:

"Oh, bravo on your secret weapon. But we want it, and it wants us. It needs us, it craves us. I supposed you could even say it 'brains' us. You have 48 hours to hand it over, or we kill you all."

The buzzing stopped. Everyone looked around, dazed. Apart from me.

Still clutching my ears, and with my eyes clenched shut, I dropped to my knees, and fell onto my side, fainting from the pain racing around my nerves through my entire body.

My entire body, hands, feet, heart, head... brain.

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