David checked himself in the mirror of his car one more time before he got out. "506 Moccasin Trail..." He looked from the message on his phone to the house that was in front of him. It was simple. One story brickhouse was ferns around the front. It was big enough for a small family of three or four; atleast it looked like it.

He dropped his phone back into his pocket. Liam was supposed to be meeting him here at this place. But he wasn't here yet. "Guess he lives alone...", David muttered and made himself comfortable on the swing on the front porch.

This would only he his second meeting with Liam and already he was feeling uneasy. It had all been a thumbs up when Dani had first came to him, but now that he had actually set eyes on the man, he was backing out. Part of him didn't want to hurt Liam like that but the other part was confused. Why was Dani so angry at Liam? From her story, it had been a woman by the name of Jamie that had pissed her off. What had Liam done?

A sigh left his lips and he looked around. "Nice place..." The breeze moved the swing just enough drag his shoes against the wood. He sat there for what seemed like hours until a rumbling from the driveway sounded. Looking over, he saw a small car pulling in behind his truck. A smirk came to his lips when he saw the small figure and coconut brown head of Liam stepped out of it.

"David!" He flung his hand up in a wave as he walked up," Your early!"

"Wanted to surprise you", David smiled and held him arms out, to have Liam attach himself to his chest. He found something about the simple hug just touching. Liam's hair tickled the end of his nose when he tucked his face into the crook of his neck. It was only there second meeting, but already Liam had gotten attatched to him. David actually thought it was cute.

After a few moments, Liam broke the embrace and pulled his keys out of his pocket. Twirling them in the air, he stepped around David and went to the front of the door. "I'll just need to change into something different", he smiled over his shoulder.

David watched him with a tiny smile from behind. Liam had a small figure, only a little bigger than he had been back in the days of One Direction. It was more of am hour glass; Liam had a broad, toned chest; slender waist; and hips with the cutest apple butt. He hadn't realized that he was staying until a small cough took his attention. Liam wad having at him from the doorway. "Are you going to stand out there in the cold all day?"

Color rose to his cheeks and he shuffled past him. "I... Um.. There was a.. beetle by your foot..." David looked up and ran his hands through his hair. No one had ever accused him of being a good liar.

One arched eyebrow lifted before Liam nodded. He wasn't stupid. He could feel two holes practically burned into his ass! "Yeah.. I'll be right back.." A knowing smile lit his face up when he went upstairs, leaving David to his own devices. Once he was alone, the man mentally slapped himself. "Your an idiot, David!"

He flung his arms up in irritation as he walked into the small living room. "This is business! Business and personal shit don't mix!" He cursed at himself while he looked around. There were pictures everywhere. Pictures of him and the guys from the x-factor, some at Nando's, and others of all of them just being goofy. David smiled and lifted one off the wall. It was a picture of Liam the day of his audition.

"He's so young..", David murmured and brushed his finger across it. Liam had never more resembled an adorable puppy than right now. Big Brown eyes stared back at him, framed by thick almond colored hair. As much as he hated to admit, Liam was a looker. Even back then.

"I'm a big boy now, yeah?"

The deep voice startled him, almost making the picture fall from his hands. David whipped around to see a newly dressed and grinning Liam reaching for the picture. "I really do look like a puppy", he smiled when he hung it back up. Liam looked back up at David, who was again staring. Liam had come back in black skinny jeans that looked like he had jumped from his bed just to get into them. His torso and chest were covered by a simple white t-shirt and a black leather jacket.

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