JINHWAN ~ My Diary

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Dear Diary, 160305
I saw Jinhwan glancing at me today. Our eyes met as we both entered our rooms. Luckily that his room is just beside mine. I THINK I CAN DIE RIGHT NOW. Joke, I still want to marry my dream guy, Kim Jinhwan. Follow your dreams right? :)

I closed my diary notebook and placed it beside me. I took a deep breath as I scanned the whole school garden. I wonder where is Jinhwan at this time. Maybe he is practicing his guitar lessons at this moment.

"_______!" I spun to see who just called me. And there, I saw F/N running towards me.

"Why do you keep on running?" I asked her as she continue catching her breath.

"I just saw Jinhwan at the music hall alone. He is playing his guitar. Come on let's go there!" She quickly pulled my wrist as I also grabbed my diary. I don't want to lose this.

We ran heading to the music hall. I don't know why does this girl likes running and running.

"See him?" She asked as we both peeked at the window. I can see Jinhwan humming while playing his guitar. The music hall is kinda dark, so that means I can freely sneak inside to watch him.

"I'll go now. I still have some classes." F/N patted my back and winked. I shook my head but she already ran away.

I opened the sliding door, going inside without making any noise. I sat at the back where there are no lights. Only the lights on the stage where he is reciding are open.

I stare at him as he sing and strum the guitar. His voice gives me eargasm. The voice that I can hear forever.

I was about to get my pen when I dropped it. It echoed at the hall that caught his attention.

"Is any body there?" He said as I stood up without making any sounds.

I was about to open the sliding door when he slammed me against the wall. I cannot see his face clearly because of the dim lights.

"Y-You?" He said and stepped back away. I froze for a second and spoke,

"Sorry Jinhwa. I just want to watch you playing guitar and hear your nice voice. Sorry. I'll go now." I turned around and jogged away. I didn't expect that at all. I feel like I am busted.

I sat on the bench, covering my embarassed face. I opened my bag to get my diary notebook but I cannot find it.

"Shit! I left it inside the music hall." I muttered under my breath and slung my bag, running fastly going to the music hall.

Now I feel so sweaty and nervous. I wish Jinhwan didn't read it or find it.

As I get there and opened the door, I already see him grinning while reading my diary.

"No! Damn." I snatched my diary from him and put it inside my bag quickly. He smiled at me as I glance away. This is so embarassing.

"So that diary is all about me. Why didn't you tell me you like me before? Honestly, I am waiting for you to say that to me." I surprisingly looked at him.

"I don't have the guts to tell you. I am just no one." I said. Jinhwan stepped closer to me and looked at my face.

"You know what, I felt sad when I knew that we're not on the same class. You're not no one _______. If you're just no one, why would I like you?" He said in a soft tone.

"Just... forget about what you've read on my diary. Don't make me fall for nothing." I said. Of course, I need to play hard-to-get. Even though the guy in front of me is already Kim Jinhwan. I want to test him if he really likes me.

"Don't worrt, I'll catch you with both of my arms. Should I do this to make you believe me huh _______?" The thing he did next melted my heart.

He quickly kissed my cheeks.

My soul froze, and my fingers can't even move.

"I really like you _______. Now, do you believe me?" I shyly smiled and nodded.

"This is how our love starts." He said and we both chuckled.

Dear Diary, 160305
Before, I am just writing my feels and my dreams about him. Now, everything already came true. Kim Jinhwan loves me, and I love him too!


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