HANBIN ~ Her brother

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_______ - Your name



"Aish! Hanbyul! I said I don't want to!" I muttered as she pull my arm without my permission.

"Don't be shy! You like him right? Then do something for him to notice you! Don't worry, my brother is friendly and single!" I scratched my head and held my books.

"But Hanbin is my senior! It's completely impossible to notice mr. And your brother is popular compared to me." She drummed her fingers on her chin like she is thinking of something.

"So what if he is your senior? Come on _______. Hanbin oppa wants to know and meet you personally! Just give it a try? At this moment, they are already eating lunch. Let's go at their building!" She then pulled my arms going somewhere.

Shoot, I hope this will not fail. Meeting Hanbyul's brother, Hanbin, is not easy for a girl like me. Is it possible for him to like me? I hope, yes.

As we reach the Senior's building, we ran straight ahead to their canteen. My eyes started to find Hanbin.

"There he is! Hanbin oppa!" Hanbyul waved her hands as she catch Hanbin's attention. She nodded saying let's go and pulled my arms, going to Hanbin's spot. Oh damn, holy cow.

Hanbin's friends waved at us. They looked at me like they see something amazing. I know I'm beautiful. Kidding. I'm here for Hanbin.

"Hanbyul! What are you doing here?" Hanbin asked her. I just stood beside Hanbyul.

"I'm here to introduce you my friend. She wants to meet you so bad that she can't even wait." I hardly nudged her elbow and looked at Hanbin with my sweaty face and neck.

"Really? Oh, hi." He looked at me and smiled, showing his glorious dimples.

Am I dead already?

I gulped and took a breath as I open my mouth,

"H-Hi. Uh, your sister is such a joker. Don't believe her. Hehe." I fake a chuckle and nudged Hanbyul. Awkward.

"Joker? Lol, you just said to me yesterday that you like hi---" I covered her mouth and fake a chuckle again.

"Hahaha you guys stop it. Let's just see again later. Go to your classes now." He ordered and messed Hanbyul's hair. I nodded and stared at him as I freeze.

"By the way, what's your name?" He stepped a little closer to me and motioned me. Fuckin dead.

"_______. W-we gotta go now oppa." I turned around, pulling Hanbyul as Hanbin called my name.

"See you again later! I want to know you." He winked with his both eyes. I gulped and smiled at him. I ran first with a victory smile.

"_______ wait! Why do you keep on runn---"

"Thank you Hanbyul thank you!" I shook her shoulders while stomping my feet.

"Ouch ouch! You're welcome! Just stop shaking me okay?" She chuckled as I cover my face.

"He is so handsome! The most handsome guy I ever met!" I said while still covering my face because my face is turning pink.

"Really? Haha say it again!" I furrowed my eyebrows as I say it again,

"He's the most handsome guy I ever met!" I shouted and Hanbyul started to laugh.

"Look behind you!" She kept on laughing as I slowly turned around.

My jaw dropped open as I felt my face blushed more. This is the end of my world.

"Thanks _______. If I'm handsome, then you are beautiful." He pinched my cheeks, inserting his hands on his pocket and walked away, smiling.

I left frozen and touched my cheeks.

"Now I love your brother." I said under my breath as I look at him walking away.


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