Chapter Eleven

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Piper(took me long enough)

  Piper clung to Jason as he touched down to the ground. Leo landed beside them, dismounting Festus.

  She looked around, in a slight daze, checking for monsters. But she saw none. There was inches of yellow monster dust covering the ground. Piper saw demigods scattered around the battle field. Motionless. She looked away.

  Piper resisted the urge to pinch herself. It wasn't just a dream, she thought, we actually did it. Gaea's dead.

  Suddenly a scream tore through the air. A scream she new all to well. Jason met her eyes and they both uttered one word, "Annabeth."

  And they were off. The three ran like there was no tomorrow, looking around frantically.

  Leo pointed ahead where they saw Hazel frozen in shock, hand over mouth. They shuffled over to the scene.

  Once they arrived, Piper saw the cause of the commotion and her hand flew to her mouth in utter shock.

  Annabeth was on her knees. Her hair was hanging blocking her face and her head was low. Her body racked with sobs. She was covered in blood.

  But it wasn't her blood.

  In her lap, she cradled the head of a black haired boy with piercing green eyes. Percy Jackson had a spear sticking out from his stomach.

  Jason's eyes widened and Leo was already running to Annabeth's side. "Ambrosia! Nectar! Something!" He yelled in panic.

  Piper shook her head quickly and rushed to help, Jason and Hazel trailing. "I ran out," Piper whispered. "So did I," Jason and Hazel said in sync.

  A sharp gasp sounded from behind Piper. She turned her head to see a shell shocked Frank standing there. He soon joined the other six demigods.

  Annabeth gulped. "G-Get W-W-Will," she stuttered through her tears. She subconsciously stroked Percy's hair soothingly.

  When nobody moved she yelled, "Gods! Jason, Frank get Will! Now!" The two boys hastily ran off. "Leo and Hazel, go get water from the beach." The two demigods sped down the hill.

  "Shhh," Annabeth cooed. "It's going to be alright. Your going to live. You have to." She sniffled slightly. Percy keep his eyes on her. Piper's eyes lingered to the spear sticking upright from the son of sea's stomach.

  "S-should we take it out?" Piper croaked. Annabeth's eyes lingered to the spear. She let out another sob before saying. "He'll only bleed out more." (A/N She didn't know it was coated in poison)

  Percy coughed violently. Blood splattered Annabeth's shirt. "S-S-Sorry," he rasped.

  Annabeth shook her head and failed an attempt to smile. Percy's eyelids fluttered and his eyes were now half closed.

  "No!" Annabeth screamed. "No," she said more softly, "look at me. Fight it. You have to. I-I can't l-l-live without you."

  Percy's breath became more labored but it was obvious he was trying to fight the blackness engulfing him. "Just keep your eyes open," Annabeth continued, "P-P-Piper can help you."

  Piper immediately went to action. She grabbed Percy's hand and talked on his ear. "Keep your eyes open," she commanded with charmespeak, "you want to stay alive. For me. For Jason. Leo. Frank. Hazel. Your mom. Tyson. Grover. For Annabeth.
  "She needs you Percy. Just as much as you need her. Your family needs you. Your friends need you. Camp needs you. Annabeth. Think of Annabeth. Your her one and only. Her second half. If you die she's as good as gone. Stay for her." 

Piper kept muttering things over and over. She felt guilty for using his fatal flaw against him, but it had the desired effect. Every time she said Annabeth's name, his eyes would open a little bit more. A little light would come back.

  Piper could vaguely hear footsteps, yelling, crying. But she never stopped muttering to him. He was too important.

  Will pushed her aside as gently as possible and Percy was blocked from her view.


  "Piper! Piper!" A male's voice called. Piper's eyes snapped open. Before her lay Percy, staring at her with concern.

  "You fell asleep," he said softly. "Had a nightmare."

  Piper pursed her lips and nodded slightly. "Sorry," she muttered quietly.

  Percy smiled weakly at her. "It's okay. I know how it feels, believe me," he murmured darkly. And with that, they fell into a comfortable silence. But Piper couldn't stop sneaking glances at Percy, afraid he'd fade away like a dream.

Disclaimer: PJO and HoO characters belong to Rick Riordan.

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