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Third person's POV

*5 years later*

YoonGi chased Jihoon around his apartment the boy did not want to change.

"You won't catch me appa, I am hiding!" Jihoon giggled as he hid behind the curtains.

"Oh really, oh I wonder where my rascal is hidden ?" YoonGi asked himself, bit in reality he knew.

"Do you give up appa!?" The little boy asked.

"Nooo!" His dad said as he slid the curtain and found Jihoon, which caused him to erup in giggles.

"No daddy, I want to stay" the little boy said as he was picked up and carried to the couch by his dad.

" I know, baby but remember we will get ice cream after it, how does that sound?" YoonGi asked, the small boy broke into a huge smile.

"Okay, appa hurry or we'll be late" the boy jumped up and down excited to go to the dentist which most kids disliked.

"That's my boy, come on then" YoonGi placed his son on his back and took him to his room to change.


"Come on open up" the dentist smiled at the small boy.

"Well it looks like your teeth are healthy, do you eat your vegetables?" Dr. Kyung asked.

"Yup, appa makes me other wise I won't get ice cream" the small child explained.

"Well your appa does a good job at that" Dr. Kyung smiled and placed the small boy on the ground.

"Well your boys teeth are healthy good job YoonGi, umm you just need to sign there And that will be it" Dr. Kyung smiled at YoonGi.

"Thanks" YoonGi said as he signed the papers. "Let's go Jihoon say bye to Dr. Kyung" YoonGi said as he grabbed the child's hand in his.

"Bye bye!!" Jihoon waved as the walked out.

"Okay, so what do we do next?" YoonGi asked his son.

"Ice cream, appa! You promised" the small child jumped up and down from excitement.

"Okay little man, off we go" YoonGi said as he grabbed Jihoon's hand and opened the back door and helped Jihoon to his car seat, making sure to the seat belt was secured. YoonGi got into the drivers seat and started the engine. They got out of the parking lot and to their journey to get ice cream. YoonGi looked through the rearview mirror and saw his son look out the window. They boy was adorable. They stopped at a red light and people started to cross, Jihoon noticed someone familiar.

"Look appa! Its uncle Tae" Jihoon said pointing to a man. YoonGi honked and the man turned around, sure indeed it was Taehyung, Taehyung ran to the drivers side and got in making sure to put on his seat belt.

"Hey guys" Taehyung said.

"Hey uncle Tae, do you want to go get ice cream with us!" Jihoon asked excited, his dad chuckled, the boy was happy that his uncle was going to join them on their adventure.

"Sure thing cutie" Taehyung said smiling at the small child.

"Yay!, appa uncle Tae is coming with us!" The boy told his dad the exciting news.

"Yup sure he is" YoonGi answered as he parked in front of the ice cream shop. YoonGi got out and opened the back door and helped his son out. The small boy ran to his uncle and held his hand. All of them walked inside, they were greeted by a middle aged women with a big smile on her face.

"Hello gentle man! Welcome" she said

"Hello!" Jihoon said happy that his dad brought him to get ice cream.

"Appa help" jihoon said as he wanted to be picked up so he could choose his favorite ice cream.

"Here" YoonGi said as he picked up his son, "what flavor would you like jihoonie?!" His dad asked.

"What should I choose uncle Tae?" The small boy asked, since their was lots of options for him to choose from.

"Chocolate I would say" Taehyung answered.

"Okay, I want chocolate appa, please!" The small child did his aegyo.

"Sure thing" the small boys quealed in delight.

"Okay I would like one chocolate, and a vanilla and a strawberry one" he asked,

"Okay that would be ten dollars." The lady said, YoonGi paid and the lady handed them their ice cream. They sat down on one of the tables near the window and and enjoyed their ice cream and listened to jihoon talk about his friends and his school.

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