Chap. 17

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Spencer's POV


"How is a guy supposed to fit uniform shorts over a cast" I demanded, holding them up for Trey to see.

He rolled his eyes. "Don't wear them. Just wear gym shorts, it's not like they're going to say anything to you. You're in a f*cking full-leg cast Spencer."

"Can you grab me my Vans? The black and white ones?"

He nodded and went upstairs.

I bit my lip to keep from moaning in pain. I'd convinced mom to let me go back to school, but Trey was harder to fool.

I pushed myself off the bed and pulled on my itchy uniform shirt. I definitely hadn't missed this part of school.

I changed my gym shorts and lowered myself into my wheelchair.

"These, right" Trey asked, coming back into the living room.

I forced a smile and nodded. "Did you get me a sock?"

He handed them to me. "Are you sure you're feeling alright? You look pale."

I nodded. "I feel great. I told you not to worry." I ducked my head so that he wouldn't be able to tell that I was lying.

"You may have mom fooled, but I can see right through your act Spencer. I know you're still in pain, a ton of pain. I just don't understand why you try and downplay it. You don't have to go back to school."

"It's easier if I'm not here." My eyes widened as I realized that I just let out my secret. Where was my censor when I needed it?


I sighed. "When I'm here, someone always has to be in the room with me, or close by. I know that grandma misses grandpa, but she can't go home because mom works and you go to school. It's not fair to her. Or you guys, because when she's busy, ya'll have to take time out of your day for me."

Trey shook his head. "You are the biggest idiot."

I raised my eyebrows in disbelief. "What?"

"We love you. That's why we make sacrifices for you. So I have to hang out with you? Okay. I like to hang out with you. Just like grandma and mom. You've matured since the accident, and now that you aren't a brat anymore, you're not half-bad. And it's nice to get to know you more, seeing as though our childhood was a bit screwed up."

I involuntarily smiled. How many older brothers tell their younger brothers that they like to hang out? "Thanks."

"So, what do you want to do today?"

"I still want to go to school. I miss my friends, and I'm having trouble keeping up with my classes."

"See? Maturity. I'm really proud of you."

Mom came downstairs and kissed my cheek. She was practically glowing. "Are you sure you want to go to school?"

I nodded. "Why are you so happy?"

She shrugged. "Do I need a reason? Can't I just be happy?"

I rolled my eyes. "If all it took to make you smile like that was Blake, we should've found him a long time ago."

"I don't have, I mean I can't believe, I-I" mom sputtered, her cheeks burning red.

Trey chuckled. "Come on Spence, you're gonna be late if we don't leave now."

Blake's POV


"You haven't even looked in my direction since you came home from that date wtih Alice" Amanda shouted.

I shrugged. "Sorry?"

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

"I told you Amanda, I'm over it. Done."

"You're over what?"


She was silent, and I turned to see her mulling over what I just said, chewing her bottom lip. She only did that when she was in deep thought.

"What do you want from me Blake?"

"I told you, you have two weeks to move out. I'll even help you house-hunt if you'd like. But you're not going to continue living here anymore."

"I can't believe you're choosing her over me" Amanda shouted. "I've had your back through all the shit! And now that she's back, you think you're just going to dump me off? Hell no."

"Amanda, you know I love you. And I always will. But we don't work well as friends anymore. You've noticed, I know you have. We always fight, we\'re always at each other's throats, and we hardly ever agree on anything anymore. We've grown apart. And it's better to separate now then try to salvage something that's died."

Tears were streaming down her face, and although I wanted to hold her in my arms, to comfort her, I stood back. I let her cry, my heart breaking. But it was part of the process of letting go. And I'd already lost Alice once. I'm not losing her again.


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