Fantasy Story Contest!

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My eyes snapped open as I heard someone step next to me from both sides.  Somehow, I couldn't really remember how I'd gotten here, just that I had to escape.  When I tried to move my hands, I noticed that they were clasped to the chair, my vision a little blury when I tried to focus on them. 

"Hello?"  a raspy voice called.  Wait, that was my voice. 

"She's awake!  Go get the Mistress,"  a female yelled.

Footsteps flickered across the floor, going to find "the Mistress".  Some voices were screaming at one another, then some lights were snapped on.  Red flame tears made pathways down my face.  They tasted of burning flame and marshmallows.  Seconds later a woman in a blue dress came strutting to me. 

She grinned.  "Welcome to the world of the living, Queen Hestia.  You seem to be refreshed, and a little grimy.  Nothing a bit of water won't clean up."

I gasped, struggling to contain my fear.  This wasn't going to be my downfall, I had a family to go home to. 

"I'd rather not have that experience added to my life.  May I ask of your name, Mistress?"  I questioned.

"I'm  Mistress Colin.  Please, keep calling me Mistress.  Everyone else does the same."   Mistress Colin walked a slow circle around my chair, running her fingers over my flame hair.  How, I do not know. 

"No thank you, peasant,"  I answered pleasantly.  Sticking my hands together, pulling the ropes holding them apart.  It was a very quick process.  Still, the Mistress hadn't noticed.

A drop of liquid hit my shoulder.  Instantly I screamed loudly in excruciating pain. 

"That was test, pet.  Don't make me use the rest of the bottle now.  I just want to know the location of your family.  Maybe even another secret as to what makes you tick.  Is that so hard, Hestia?"  She replied.

"Call me Queen Hestia."  My voice was flat. 

One single, clear piece of water slid onto my other arm.  I clenched my teeth from the pain.  Black dots filled my red gaze. 

"Queen?  You?  You're so weak that I don't think you should be alive.  If a little water hurts this much...think of a bathtub full of the stuff!"

"What is a bathtub, Mistress?"  I commented in confusion.

"A large porcelain basin.  It holds enough water to kill you,"  she responded.

I nodded as if I understood perfectly what porcelain was.  "Like the ocean."

"No and yes.  Just shut up!" 

The water bottle slipped from her grasp as she through a small tantrum.  Luckily, I had been about to make a run for it as soon as she lost control of her anger.  My dainty fist that was made for leading a kingdom came in contact with a blond haired, blue eyed bimbo.  Mistress fell back from the impact.  The others that had been silent and in the back of the room so far came to help her.  Instead of fighting them, I bobbed and weaved until I had bypassed them all.  The girl from the beginning shouted out to her peers, telling them to follow me. 

"Don't follow me,"  I muttered.  Fighting wasn't really my style.  Normally I had others fight for me, or I would burn them to death.  These people seemed to have no problem touching me, as if they had some strange coating on their skins. 

A trail of fire followed me like a hound dog.  Though, I was trying to tone down the flames, they kept licking the walls.  This corridor that I was running down became smaller, less likely to lead anywhere.  Finally, at the end of the tunnel, a darkness emerged.  You may find that weird, but this place was so bright that darkness was a welcomed sight.