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Mia's POV\\
I didn't know what to do.
I liked him, I actually think I loved him but , he lied and made me believe something that was so wrong but felt so right. Why did I fall for him? Am I really that stupid to fall for it?
All I know is that when I met him everything changed. I was fine, until I met Him.....

----------------- months earlier----------------
My alarm went off, scaring the crap out of me.
Man I really got to change my alarm.
Today was the first day of my sophomore year. I'm not ready, is almost time for me to go to college, and I'm not ready. I slide, yea slide out of bed cuz I'm too lazy to walk but I eventually had to.
"what should I wear today?".
After looking through my closet for like 30 min, choose a white tank top, with high waisted jeans, some black boots, and a black and white cardigan. I curled my hair and did my daily make up routine, nothing fancy.
Just as was eating my granola bar I got a text from Cameron, my boyfriend. We've been dating for
almost 3years now. His the best boyfriend in the world.He treats me like a lady, and protects me.
Bae: Good morning gorgeous

Me: Good morning babe

Bae: Are you ready?

Me: Yes

Bae: Ok I'll be there in a few..

Me:Ok bye


After a few minutes of waiting I said bye to my mom and brother. My dad left us 4 years ago, he never loved us and had another family. My brother has being very protective since then. My twin sister has a Hollywood life so I don't see her as much. Aaron has been the best brother in the world.

"Hey princess" Cameron said as I made my way to his car
"Hey" I said while hugging him. He open the door for me and then we left after he got in the car of course. On our way to school I noticed a moving truck 2 houses down. It was the Dolan twins, even though I've never met them in person, I know them through my brother since they went on that Magcon tour together even though they joined the last few dates, they have been good friends since then.

I wonder how they are and look...

But little did I know I was gonna make a mistake....

I know is short.
Is probably bad but is my first story. I hoped you guys liked it . I'm gonna keep writing it and try to make it better. I'm a crapy writer I know but I tried my best.

Thank you for reading it

Let me know any ideas or what you think is gonna happen.

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