Chapter Twenty: All the Wrong Reasons

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I was going to kill Wade. 

      Okay no, that wasn't true. I was just going to get my point across by twisting his arm until he promised to keep away from Kitty. Or until it snapped. Possibly both. 

      With Kitty increasingly becoming infatuated with his antics it was hard to keep her from talking about him when we got home. But it was easy for me to tell her no when she asked if she could go out with him Friday night. 

      It was extremely easy to decline her repeatedly when she begged to talk about it when I got home from work and I secretly vowed to take my time so she'd be asleep when I returned. 

      As I twirled around the pole topless I tried not to think too much about Kitty and Wade. Especially Wade. He was not even going to be a blip on my radar tonight. But tomorrow, yes, tomorrow I was going to have a serious discussion with him about his persistence.

      I made sure to come home later than I normally did and Kitty was sound asleep, snuggled up with George the cat and unable to ask me about Wade again. 

      She knew I liked him at some point and I wasn't sure why it wasn't making sense to her that he could possibly be using her to get to me. I knew it, Wade knew it-hell he practically admitted it to me when I asked him about it and yet...I don't know. It was like Kitty was oblivious to the situation. 

      I hated that. 

      I hated the fact that she couldn't see through his crap and it was up to me to deny her a bit of happiness for fear-no- with the knowledge that she'd be getting hurt. Because that's what Wade was going to do. He was going to hurt her to get to me and I certainly wasn't going to allow that.

      Even after sleeping on it I was still certain of what I wanted to do and still sticking with my strong no when Kitty asked again about her date. 

      She huffed and pouted the rest of the morning and even to the bus stop. 

      I was glad when I was able to part ways with her for first period and I knew I wouldn't be satisfied until I could one: speak with wade and two: get kitty home. I wanted her to be safe and there was nothing wrong with that, I was sure of it. She was vulnerable and Wade was just going to take advantage of that. 

      So at lunch I confronted him about it when she wasn't there. Every once in a while I'd catch him looking over at me and smile and I was almost positive they were smirks. He was smirking at me because he thought I wasn't going to kick his butt just because we were in a crowded room. 

      He was wrong. 

      I ignored the questioning stares of Kitty's friends as I stood abruptly and stalked over towards him. He seemed pleased that I was advancing towards him but a little shocked that I wasn't wearing a pleasant expression upon my face. 

      "And what do I owe the pleas-"

      "Oh cut the crap, Wade." I snapped. "You're going to stay away from my sister, got it?"

      "Whatever do you mean?" He asked innocently, though kept his sly smile. 

      "You know exactly what I mean." I told him crossing my arms. "Don't talk to her, don't smile at her, don't even look at her. And if you ever feel like you need to ask her out again just to get at me think twice because I will break every bone in your right arm."

      His face twisted a bit with an unpleasant emotion. "What is with you, Kat? Did you ever stop to think I asked her out because I might enjoy her company?"

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