Part 8

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In the evening at HILTON hotel for KKN's party.
By the way everyone is wearing the same thing they wore in Reporters and the valentines party in LRL. Except for Naina. She is wearing the the dress ☝🏻️ on top. Remember the dress Riddhimaa wore in Dil mil Gaye on Rahul's farewell party.
Khalid: welcome everyone, I am proud to announce that our channel is the number one channel. Thanks to Mr.Kabir and all the other reporters. It's because your hard work that we have gotten this far. To the success party of KKN their is some one special who is also coming to add to our celebration. That special person is a very close friend of mine and he has helped me a lot. So let's enjoy until the guest reaches here.
Everyone applauses
Everyone starts enjoying the party. And we see our best reporters sitting near the bar.
Huda- oye pooja tu toh aaj kamal ki lag rahi hai.
Pooja- thanks, waise tu bhi achha lag raha hai.
Yudi- waise guys yeh Ronnie kahan hai.  Dikhiye nahi de raha.
Ali- haan, Maine bhi Ronnie Bhai ko nahi dekha.
Alekh- arre, woh kahan jaye ga. Naina ne bola tha na kay woh nahi ayegi. Ronnie pakka usi kay paas gaya ho ga.
At Naina's place
Naina- Ronnie tu samajh na main priya ko chodr kar nahi a sakhti.
Ronnie- priya ko koi problem nahi hai toh tu chal na.
Priya- haan mamma mujhe koi problem nahi hai.
Naina- woh baat nahi hai Ronnie, party hotel mein hai jo yahan se bohot door hai aur main priya ko itni der Kay liye nahi chodr sakhti.
Ronnie- koi baat nahi tu jaldi a jana, bus thodi der kay liye toh chal.
Ronnie waits for her reply then says " fine phir main bhi nahi jata."
Naina- nahi aisa mat kar main aati hoon par thodi der kay liye.
Ronnie- ok. Fine.
Priya- yay!!
At the party
Kabir, Khalid and Malvika are talking. (Manav didn't come to the party cause he had to go somewhere)
Malvika brings three glasses of wine and hands one to Khalid and gives one to Kabir and keeps one to herself.
Malvika- Cheers to KKN
Khalid- Cheers
Khalid- you guys talk main hotel ke manager se mil kar atta hoon Kay sari preparations kaise hai aur dekh kar atta hoon Kay woh guest aya Kay nahi.
Malvika- So Kabir KKN mein tum kafi acchi tarah se ghul mil Gaye ho.
Kabir- Well yahan ke log hi kuch asie hain. As he says this he looks over to where the gang is sitting but he is looking for only one person, Naina.
Malvika- Kya hua Kabir, kis ko dhoodh rahay ho.
Kabir- Nahi kuch nahi main toh bus dekh raha tha, waise yeh Ronnie aur Naina nazar nahi a rahay.
Malvika- (rolls her eyes) Ronnie aur Naina best friends, jahan Naina hogi wahan Ronnie hoga and vice-versa. Waise you don't worry they'll come. You just Enjoy!
Kabir just smiles. (That killer smile of his)
After a couple minutes, we see Ronnie and Naina entering. (Naina looking so beautiful in that red dress)
They enter, Huda looks at them and says, "oye Ronnie aur Naina a gaye"
They all look back to see them and wave to them as a indicator for them to come here. Naina and Ronnie leave to go but someone calls him from the back so Naina goes.
While she is walking she bumps into Kabir who is carrying drinks in his hand.
Kabir- careful Ms.Singh, agar yeh drink gir jati toh aapki dress kharab ho jati.
Naina- sorry sir.
Kabir- waise, your looking very beautiful.
Naina- Thank you sir.
Kabir- waise aap itni late kyun ho gayi.
Naina- woh...
Ronnie comes from the back and says
"Sir yeh toh yahan a bhi nahi rahi thi, badi mushkil se mana kay laya hoon."
Kabir- Kyun?
Naina- woh bus aise hi.
Kabir- achha well enjoy the party.
Saying that he leaves and Ronnie and Naina also leave to join the gang.
As they reach the gang everyone is happy to see and Naina and compliments her dress. They offer Ronnie and Naina a drink, Ronnie accepts it but Naina says no even after the persuasion of her friends.
About 2 blocks away from the hotel we see 4 people talking with blankets on their faces.
Person 1- khabar pakki hai na.
Person 2- hain bilkul pakki hai. Woh Mr.Ishaan hooda ( Iqbal Khan) uss KKN ki party mein a raha hai. Maine suna hai ki woh wahan ka special guest. Kisi ka best friend hai.
Person 3- kisi bhi tarah hume uss party mein jana hoga. Agar woh Ishaan Hooda Hume mil Gaye toh woh Hume desh ki sari jankari de sakhta hai. Sirf aur Sirf wohi hai. Kyun ke uss ka business hai military ko support karna. Desh Kay saray secrets hai uss Kay paas.
Person 4- uss Ishaan Hooda ko hum lay ki rahay gayen. Chahe kuch bhi karna ho aur woh KKN channel bhi kuch kam nahi hai. Tum log nahi jante, woh channel bhi military ko support karta hai.
Person 2- Kya Bol rahay ho.
Person 4- mujhe pakki khabar mili hai kay wahan koi Khalid hai jis ke paas se Hume aur information mil sakhti hai.
Person 1- achha hai, ek tirr se do nishanay.

Hope you guys like it. I know this update didn't have much of Naina and Kabir but the next one will. Please like it and comment to share your feelings on how my FF is going so far and feel free to give suggestions. Thank You!

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