Chapter Twelve: Jason

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     The sounds of crunching leaves echoed throughout the stiff darkness. Percy and I had already made it out of camp and were now in a different woods. My eyes met the sea green ones of the boy next to me.

"Percy, I love you and all, but your making a lot of noise right now." I said, gesturing to his feet. Percy's face flushed and he quieted his steps.

Our plan was simple, really. Crazy, but simple... ish... We were going to the Underworld. There we would find Nico, or his spirit. Then we would bring him to Hades and demand for Hades to let Nico return to the land of the living. Like I said, crazy, but I wanted Nico back, and by the way Percy was acting, I could tell he was grieving as much as I was.

"Hazel." Percy said out of nowhere. I glanced at him, confused.

"Hazel. She's a daughter of Hades, or Pluto, but it's the same thing basically." Percy explained quickly. There was a soft hmph from behind a tree. The next thing I know, a girl about shoulder length in height to me was staring up at us.

"Just to let you know, there is a big, big difference in Pluto and Hades." The girl said. Percy looked bewildered.

"First of all, Pluto is more on the valuable jewels side of things, where Hades is more focused on death itself. Secondly-"

"Ok, I don't know you, but I'm not in the mood for a lecture right now. Besides, what's a kid like you to tell me?" Percy said, shoving past her.

"Whoa, no need to get violent." I said, grabbing Percy by the arm and bringing him back.

"Sorry. He meant to ask you your name; didn't you Percy?" I said, looking him in the eyes. Percy sighed and apologized.

"It's ok. I've met worse people." The girl muttered. Upon closer inspection, I realized the girl had multiple small scars scattered about her arms, chest, and face.

"I'm Ashton by the way." She said. She must have noticed that I was staring at her, because she quickly pulled a jacket from around her waist around her arms. Based on size, Ashton looked about 13, with mid back length blonde hair. She was only wearing black skinny jeans and an electric blue crop top.

"Hi Ashton, I'm Jason and this is Percy." I introduced us to her. She smiled a weak smile. Ashton's dark eyes looked even darker with the thin bags under her eyes.

"Oh, Percy, I have the right to lecture you because I'm a daughter of Hades myself. And if your Hazel friend is a daughter of Pluto, she most likely won't be able to help you." Ashton said. Then everything clicked; the dark eyes, clothes, and the tiredness. Everything I saw resembled Nico almost directly. One thing different was the eyes. Ashton's eyes were flecked with specks of ice blue.

"Oh. Well, you look tired, do you want to come with us? We're about to find a place to rest for the night." Percy said, stepping forward. Ashton smiled a more strong smile and thanked us. "It's no problem, really." Percy kept saying as Ashton continued to thank him. I laughed at the pair.

We soon found a small cave like structure in the woods, and called it a night. As I tried to sleep, I kept getting distracted by Percy talking and laughing with Ashton beside a small fire they had started. I shrugged off the giggles and finally let sleep carry me away. The dream was the only bad part.

I was on a beach, the sand was pure white and crisp blue waves lapped against the shore line. To my left and right there were rows of white leather chairs all lined up. The only wide open space was an aisle way in the middle with a white carpet going down the middle. At the end of the aisle was a white arch decorated with sea green and black flowers.

"Hello Jason." A voice called from behind me. I turned to see Percy in a black tuxedo, with Ashton at his side in a white wedding dress; a black flower was pinned into her hair. Percy's suit was adorned with one of the sea green flowers. My mind could only make out one thing. They were getting married.

"Percy, what's going on?" I asked incredulously. Percy laughed a cold, hard laugh.

"I don't love you anymore." Percy hissed.

And that's when I woke up.

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