Part 29 🦄

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It was around 4 Pm. You were doing homework at home. You couldn't make you dad Suspicious. He's not interested in your own all but you couldn't risk The turtles life. So you stay home.
Raph: Hey you coming over today?
You: Nah, Don't wanna make my dad suspicious.
Raph: Is he there right now?
You: Yea He will be leaving around 7:40 though. Wanna come over at 8?
Raph: Sure, Hey u left your sweatshirt, you want that back?
you: It tends 2 be cold in the sewers from time to time so i like it there.
Raph: Mk. I'll see u then '3'
you: okie My Sweet Baboo
Raph: hehe
You were studying for a test tomorrow. You studied through a full bladder, thirsty ness and hunger so u wouldnt see ur father. You heard a door close and click in the silence of the apartment. You rushed to the bathroom but all this sudden u got really horny. You didnt know why. The other night u watch anime porn to see what it was like. So u did what one of them did. You got your lube, some wooden clips and ur phone. You sat in the bath tub and closed the curtain. You figured since raph would be awhile you would entertain yourself. ;) you lube your kitty up and rubbed fast up and down, in circles. Then u decided to take one of the wooden clips and pinch it on your clit. You screamed with pleasure. You wiggled it with your fingers and pulled on it too. You then saw yellow pee projectile itself on the tiled wall of the bathtub. You moaned as ur eyes rolled to the back of your head. You then just rubbed the outside of your vagina with ur nail to tickle yourself. Knock-knock "Y/N? You in there?" 'Oh crap is it 8 already?' U asked softy. "Uh yea hang on." You has taken the clip off. Rubbed toilet paper on ur vagina to wipe away most of the lube and put ur clothes back on. You opened the door and looked for Raphael. "Raph?" You asked out loud. Your were tackled mildly with a hug from behind. You screamed like a tiny girl. "God u scared me bruh." He kissed your lips and then u melted. "Raphael." You muttered as his lips still against yours. "Yea" he answered with his hot breath against ur lips. You pulled away "I want you". He had a sexy devious smile come upon his lips. He went back to kissing you as his hand was going down ur jogging pants. He pumped his index finger in and out as the other fingers caressed your pink petals. You moaned but then he hit your sweet spot where you let go of his lips, your legs trembling and you squeezing his belt strap. He smirked given your state. Your teeth clinched and you sang moans of pleasure. He wondered how you'd act with two fingers. So he inserted another one. But when one finger would go in, the other would come out. It was a cycle. He went down to ur level with his knees on the ground and lifted your shirt up. He started kissing your collar bone then your went down to your breasts where he had started licking the nipples in circles or just randomly swaying his tongue all over them making them drip with saliva. You moaned with pleasure. Then picked you up and walked you to your room. He laid you on ur bed. Looked at you as your cheeks were rosey pink. You smiled innocently(: He started taking off your pants to see pink and white striped panties. He then took off your top and saw ur bra matched. He then unhooked the bra with ease. He took the bra and tossed it over to your rug. You closed your eyes and relaxed. You heard rustling metal and a cloth. You opened your eyes to see that you were naked and so was he. He was so beautiful as is. But he would never believe you. Then sun was shimmering on his arms and neck. He had put the head of it against your vagina and rubbed it softly. "Ooh you've been wanting this for awhile haven't you?" He teased. You nodded in shame though. He lifted you chin and kissed your soft pouty lips as he started to insert himself. You threw your head back in the middle of kissing. He thrusted softly at first. "You ok?" He asked. "Mmhmm" you answered as you were being violated by your lover. But upsettingly all you could think of when leonardo violated you. It was amazing but you love Raphael. Raphael had turned you over on your stomach on the bed as your feet were on the ground and being pounded. Your toes would leave the ground time to time. His hands were on your jiggling bottom. You were feeling odd feelings of Want for Leo. You internally sighed. You then felt Raph's dick come out of your and cum all over your old sweater. You slid off the bed and sat on the ground. "heheh you ok, sweetCheeks?" "Hm? oh yea i'm good." you answered tiresome. You got up and then had accidentally slipped, you caught onto your bed sheets. You waited for you bum to hit the ground but it didn't. You were in position where your legs were out far and couldn't possibly support you. you stared at Raphael for he was staring at you. "Y/N??! What the fuck?!" You felt like crying as your face turned red. You knew what happened. You looked up at your arm, it was like lizard skin, bigger, and claws were there instead of your manicured nails. You looked in shock. This was YOU. No one else. You let go and your arm turned back into your ordinarily arm. You slowly brought it to your chest and you started crying hysterically as you hugged your arm against your naked body. "Hey, hey." Raphael trying to help in his own way. He came up to you and hugged you as you both sitting down. he rocked you as you still cried. "How did this even happen?" Raph asked sincerely but serious at the same time. "I-I don't know. Awhile some guy called me after an incident, he said he couldn't wait to see what happens next. And idk who he was o.o." He squeezed you tighter. Raphael Kissed your head. "It will be ok. I'm here for you BabyDoll." Later that day ~.^ You and Leo along with Donnie were sitting on the couch watching Doctor Who. You were sitting in between Don and Leo. Leo nonchalantly put his arm around you after he Stretched. Trying to make it less awkward "hey leo?" "Yea" he answered rather quickly. "Ever had Mochi?" "Mm no. Why?" "OMG you should have some. My favorite flavor is GreenTea. They have several, like red bean, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and probably more." "What is it?" "Hehe sorry its an iceCream ball wrapped in Sweet RiceDough. The rice dough doesnt have a taste. Its just sweet." He nodded his head understanding. You yawned and laid your back on the couch closing your eyes relaxing. You breathed in and out and wiggled your butt on the couch to get more comfy. Leo felt calm and happy to be near you again. When Raphael passed u when u were fairly sleeping on leo's arm he stopped. Picked u up and gave leo a glare as he headed for his room he laid you down on his bed as he cuddled up next to you. His arm laid on top of your body as his legs inner twined with yours, and kissed your forehead. You both went for a 5 hour nap.

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