Chapter 6

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Red woke up in a jar. Blue was talking to Frisk about something. Red wondered how he got there. He remembered having a pounding headache, then darkness. He must have passed out because of his headache.
Wait. Where was he? This wasn't his lab! Why was he in a jar? How did he get there? Augh! This was all so confusing! He got up and tried to get out. He couldn't reach the top of the jar by a wide margin. He seemed to only be about 5 inches tall. He kicked the glass. It made a little thump, so he tried again. Then he realized that the edge of the table was only about 4 inches away. He pushed the side of the jar as hard as he could, and it slid forward. He did it over and over again, until it was teetering on the edge of the desk. At that moment, Blue, who was facing Red, noticed, and lunged forward to catch the jar before it hit the floor.
"Nuh uh uh. Don't do that. You could've hurt yourself. Why didn't you say you were awake?" Blue asked, genuinely concerned. Red scoffed. Knowing that Blue couldn't hear him through the jar, which did, by the way, have a lid, he replied with a snarky answer, because he still had an enormous headache.
"Why don't you speak a little louder, I think I might go deaf. Hey, let's play a game. It's called annoy Red!" Red said, kinda miffed that he had woken up in an air tight jar. Blue took off the cap and reached his hand in the jar to pick up Red. Red felt himself being lifted by his jacket, and pulled out of the jar. He looked down, and the floor seemed a thousand feet away. The sight made him dizzy. He gulped. Why did he try pushing a glass jar off the desk, again? If the fall didn't kill him, the shattered glass would've.
"Now, what were you saying? I couldn't hear you- oh. Lemme guess. You tried to tell us, but we just didn't hear you." Said Blue. Red nodded in response. Frisk looked at him strangely, and must've seen how nervous he looked, knowing that if Blue dropped him, the end result would be death. She mentioned this to Blue Sans, and he said "oh," and made him sit on the palm of his hand. Red did not attempt to get up.
Suddenly Undertale Papyrus burst into the living room, where Red, Blue, and Frisk had moved to. Thankfully, he didn't see Red yet.
"Sans! I know that you have to take care of Frisk, but really? You haven't been at your station all day!" Papyrus exclaimed loudly, making Red's headache return. He covered his nonexistent ears tightly. Frisk, noticing this, politely asked Papyrus to lower his voice. "Why? My voice level is perfectly fine." Blue Sans caught on. Red didn't want everyone to find out about his... situation. Blue wouldn't want it to happen to him, so he was respectful of Red's privacy.
"That being said, uhh, someone is trying to take a nap, and needs quiet in order to do so." Blue covered up Red with his sleeve, pretending to adjust his position on the couch. Flowey, who was in a flower pot, raised his flowery eyebrows, but did not say anything. He knew Red was there, just didn't tell Papyrus. Yet.
Red hid behind Frisk. Her hand silently reached around and grabbed him roughly around the middle and shoving him into her pocket.
"I'm gonna be at the inn tonight. Bye!" She said, walking outside. As soon as they got in the room, she took him out of her pocket and set him on the table. "Alright, what's wrong? If it's just a headache, I've got some medicine for it."
"Yeah. I guess." Red answered.
"Fair warning, it might make you kinda tired." She handed him an antibiotic pill. He popped it in his mouth and dissolved it. He felt the effects almost immediately. His headache was almost completely gone.
10 minutes later, Red started feeling really tired. He laid back on the table, and feel asleep.
"Hey, Red, why we're you- aww! He is so cute!" Frisk started saying, until she saw he was asleep. She got out an extra pillow, and gently picked him up. He was limp in her hand. Frisk guessed that it was the antibiotic pill that made him sleep so deeply. Wow. Almost too deeply. Oh. It was a fair sized pill, and he was literally 5 inches tall. It was a huge mistake on her part. The pill was small to her... it was huge for him. That would be like... a ginormous overdose. She might as well have called Alphys over and drug the little guy to sleep.
Red's nightmare was quick, but really long. Like, it should have been quick, but it seemed like it took hours.
"Why hello, Sans. It's me, Chara. Oh, right. You don't remember, do you? You're gonna die, just like all the others down here. Eventually, you'll die exactly like your brother. Speaking of, I have a gift for you!" Chara said in a sickening sing-song voice. They pulled out a blood red scarf and tossed it to him. It was his brother's. Red had to try really hard not to kill them right where they stood. He took a shaky breath. Chara pulled out a knife. Red became defensive, and backed away. Chara came forward, and Red put the scarf in his pocket, and got ready to fight. They fought, hard. But it seemed as if the human had already memorized all his moves. He was getting tired, fast. But he had to stay up. He couldn't fall down. He was the last defense for the king. As ruthless as the king is, he's still the king. Chara was getting closer. Closer. Closer. They were right on top of him. They swung their knife, and it sunk deep into his rib cage. Red fell back, bleeding badly. If he actually drank ketchup, he might have believed it were that. But he didn't, and he was certain that it was blood. He got up.
"Well I guess that's it, huh? Whelp, I'm going to Grillby's. Papyrus, bring me home from there, ok?" He said as he turned to dust.
Red woke up with a start. Frisk was staring at him, looking worried. Suddenly his mind made them look like Chara for a sec, creepy grin and all. Red scrambled back, and Chara went away from his mind, leaving an extremely worried Frisk. Red realized that he was breathing heavily, so he forced his breath to regulate.
"Red, are you ok? What was it about? Please tell me. I want to help." Frisk said. Red was startled by her words. Nobody had ever wanted to help him before... but that being so, still... he shook his head. Frisk frowned. "C'mon, Red. Show me your true colors. Let your true light shine. Please? For me?"
"You don't want that. Trust me." Red said, expressionless about his feelings deep down. Because deep down, he was scared. He was scared of everything. Death, other dimensions, W.D Gaster: that white face that followed him sometimes, Chara, even Papyrus scared him. His heart sank. He was finally coming to terms with his buried fears, and he didn't like it.
"Sans?" Frisk asked. Red looked up at the kind human, shocked that they had used his real name.
"Yeah, kid?" Red replied. He knew what was coming. But what he expected was not the outcome. Quite the contrary. Frisk grabbed him, and hugged him.
"I love you. We all love you. It's ok. You don't have to hide." They spoke softly. Red started tearing up. He buried his little head into her shirt, and started crying. He took a very shaky breath, and grabbed her shirt for support.
Frisk hugged Red, and at first, she was kinda scared. His shoulders started shaking, and she was scared that he was gathering an attack, but it never came. His tiny frame shook really hard, and Frisk could just barely hear tiny sobs coming from him. She sighed contentedly, because she had cracked his tough shell. Now she could see that under the tough guy exterior, was just a tiny soul, wanting to be loved. A tiny soul that just needed comfort and hope. A tiny soul... trapped under relentless fear.
Red calmed himself down, and wiped away his tears. Heh. If Papyrus saw him now, he'd be in so much trouble... luckily, Papyrus isn't here. Red can do what he wanted, without his brother breathing down his neck all the time. But still, he would have to go back sooner or later.
Maybe later...

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