Chapter Nineteen: Confrontations

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      I hadn't lied when I told her the conversation I'd had on the phone was unimportant. It was Ron again and he was warning me about using Kimberly to upset my wife. 

      But I wasn't. Was I? 

      I was in fact using Kat to get back at my wife at one point but now? What exactly was I doing now? I'd had sex with her again and while it satisfied my needs it didn't get rid of the abnormal protectiveness I felt for her.

      I didn't want her going back to the strip club last night or any other night for that matter. What if that man came back and harassed her? 

      I realized that was my biggest fear. This man was dangerous. He owned a gun, granted I owned a gun too but you didn't see me carrying it at all times.

      I wasn't sure if Kat had seen it or not but if he was willing to set it down maybe he trusted her too much...or maybe he had threatened her. I didn't know and thinking about it only gave me unneeded anxiety. Besides I was almost to class and I couldn't be thinking about him while I was teaching. Or what Kat and I had done. 

      Although I did have a bit of rhythm in my stride as I made my way to my classroom.

      Kitty didn't seem upset today which told me Kat hadn't told her about what happened or maybe she did and she was alright with it. 

      No, that was a foolish thought. I didn't know Kat well but I knew she wouldn't tell her sister about what happened Friday night and Saturday morning. It made me wonder if Kitty had been concerned with her missing at all and, if so, what Kat had told her. 

      I mean, I had made something up with Ron but he wasn't my brother. He didn't have to constantly worry if I was going to come home at night and if not, if I was lying in a ditch bleeding to death. 

      I pushed that thought away as I didn't like the way I envisioned Kat bloodied, limbs contorted, and face slack and unnaturally pale. It made me want to grimace and that just wouldn't do in the classroom. 

      No, I wouldn't think about that because it stirred emotions within me that I wasn't sure I wanted to admit were real. 

      When the bell rang I was glad that it was time to start class but upset when the day moved far too quickly for my liking. It didn't seem like thirty minutes had passed and it was ringing again, dismissing my students to their next classes and causing me to scramble to give them the flyers the office had lain on my desk to inform them of the impending graduation activities. I figured Hobbling's wanted the seniors to get a head start on deciding what trip they wanted to take and what theme prom was going to be. Though it wasn't as if they had many options. There were three for each and within the options for the trip I knew a few students wouldn't want to go to any of them. They were all basically educational but I guess a free day was a free day. A prom was always a big occasion for them all. 

      The next class was just as quick as the first and I handed out sheets to those who hadn't retrieved one in their first period. Soon it was my third class and then time for lunch and I couldn't help but hope Kat would come by my room to see me. But that didn't happen.

      I waited a few moments before heading to the cafeteria to eat with my coworkers and before I entered I saw Kat speaking with her sister in the hallway behind the vending machines. They were at an angle that the students in the cafeteria couldn't see them but with me coming from down the hall I could see Kitty's distressed expression as she shook her head frantically to decline whatever Kat had said and then when Kat pointed her finger at her sister then to the door. I wanted to hear what was said but I didn't want to get caught watching them, so I entered the cafeteria, prepared my food then went to the teacher's lounge where most were talking about the senior activities within the next couple of months. 

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