March 1st, 2016 - #JustWriteIt #Sports

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When you think about it, anything can be a sport. Even... wait for it... writing.

We're serious. Both challenge you to push your limits. Both require practice and dedication. And both involve heavy padding, a mouth guard, and sometimes a helmet.

Ok maybe not always those last few things. But you get where we're going with this? For this month's JustWriteIt, we want you to be inspired by sports or a team you've been on - any sport at all, football, basketball, competitive carpentry - non-fiction or completely made up.

So, join the tailgate and get writing. Just make sure to tag your story with #JustWriteIt and #Sports so people can find it.

And feel free to tap into your newfound multimedia capabilities - they'll take your story from a regular basket to a slam dunk (see what we did there?)

Ready? Take the pledge here and write 10,000 words over the next 30 days. 

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