He Saved Me

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I closed my eyes and felt his strong arms around me. "Don't worry, it's alright i'm right here" i heard Mark sobbing. I cried and managed to say his name. His grip got tighter and it felt amazing. I felt his lips on my forehead. He was still holding me down but it felt good. I started crying. "Mark i.. I'm so sorry, I love you" i said. as i turned around to look at his face, his eyes looked into mine and i saw how worried and scared he was. I decided to be brave and i close the gap between his lips and my lips. It was like i felt his body relax and when i quit our kissing i saw it was true. He carried me towards his car and he put my next to the drivers seat. What the heck was happening??

Mark started his car and drove to his house. When i saw my house i saw that my dad was still looking for me. I was scared but luckily Mark carefully got me inside of his flat. We arrived at Mark's house and the moment he got in, he grabbed the phone and called 911. I didn't even have the strength to fight against it. And after all this time i thought it would be a good idea. 10 minutes later i heard the cops. Mark  wrapped me around in a blanket and he gave me some hot chocolate. I layed down against him on the couch and we both sipped the hot chocolate. We both relaxed and when i stood up to see what was happening to my dad i saw him being carried inside the car of the police. I started crying a little. I was so angry at him. I hope that he will be behind bars forever. but at the same time I felt sorry. It's the alcohol that made him do it after all..

I walked back to Mark and wrapped the blanked around us two. He looked in my eyes and i looked into his. "Laura, promise me that you will never do that again. I love you and i care about you and i want you to be happy" he said and i just smiled and nodded. "Mark i will never do it again i just didn't knew what to do i felt so lost." i said and the moment the words came out of my mouth, he kissed me.

"I've been in love with you since the first day i saw you and when you told me everything it broke my heart and i'm so glad that you're sitting next to me alive." He said. Suddenly the moment between us felt even more special. "Laura i was wondering... will you be my girlfriend?" mark asks. "What a question" i say and i kiss him on his lips. He kisses me back and now i feel different than i ever felt. I finally feel like everything will be okay. First i always thought things would get bad but now i feel loved and happy and i'm sure that things will get better from now on. I roll up against Mark and fall asleep in his arms.


"Mark hurry up slowmo!" i laughed as i ran towards our new home. Things got a lot better in the 2 years that had passed. My father was send to a clinic and i got help dealing with all the trauma's. Me and Mark often visit my dad and he's getting nicer. The first time me and Mark went to him i was afraid and Mark wanted to punch him in the face but we noticed that he started to heal from his drinking problem. Me and Mark now live together in a bigger house and we decided to live together. Mark and i are happy now. The cuts on my wrists are now scars and i threw all the blades away and i never cut again. Mark helped me with my depression and whenever i felt sad he cuddled up with me until i felt good. I never knew i would end up being this happy.

I love my life now and even though i have a dark past, it won't stop me from being happy!


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