Nagisa has a Secret...

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Okay, so this is a fanfiction for Assassination Classroom. If you haven't seen the anime or read the manga, I suggest you do both as soon as possible.


Nagisa's blue pigtails bounced as he sat down in his chair, looking at his notes. He re-readed everything that he has written down over the year, it seems they were mostly extremely small things.

'The smallest things can make the biggest difference', he knew. And that is the reason to why he has written down these seemingly random and hopeless 'weaknesses'.

"Nagisa?" Nagisa looked up to see Kaede looking down at him. "You okay?" She asked. Nagisa let a smile drift across his face, "Yeah. Why'd you ask?" Nagisa says, confused as to what seemed to be the matter. "Its just," A frown was on her face now. "Your eyes seem a little..." She put a finger up to her chin and tilted her head, "Oh how do I say this?"

"Just be straight forward. What about my eyes?" Nagisa says calmly, knowing whatever it was that she was going to say wouldn't be offensive in the least.

"You eyes just seem a little... Dark? Like for extra explanation..." Kaede drifted off, seemingly in thought. "Slightly dull? You dont seem as radiant today as you usually would be."

​ Nagisa was about to respond when Isogai walked over, putting a playful arm around Nagisa. "Since when did Nagisa ever seem 'radiant'?" The playboy looked on dramatically, "Everyday, day after day Nagisa would walk in and sit in his seat peering over his notes thinking:" Nagisa and Kaede both sweatdropped as Isogai said this next part, "'Why cant I look more like a boy? Just like- Koro-Sensei! Since he is the most handsomest of them all ~<3." At that last part Koro-Sensei had butted in.

"Dont butt into my imformatical sentence!" Isogai yelled at Koro-Sensei, causing him to start sweating and run away while Isogai chased him with a knife soon joined by three others. Nagisa chuckled a little while grimacing. As Kaede just laughed.

Kaede and anyone else who may have overheard them talking had already forgotten about what Kaede had said. All but Nagisa who had excused himself to go to the bathroom. Since they didnt have any running water there was always a big bucket of water where they were allowed to wash their hands in. Okuda had been the one to donate all the soap for E-Class.

But instead of heading for the bathroom, he headed for the lake near the class. He knew of others who came here to play in the summer and spring, it was almost the due date and they needed to focuse on killing Koro-Sensei. Which is what Nagisa intends to do. What he will do.

Nagisa sighed, looking at his reflection in the mirror. His girly face stared back at him as he rubbed at his eyes. He went down on his knees. Getting a handful of water, he splashed some on his face. His hair came down from the pigtails that they were in.

His eyes were dark, dull. Huh. Nagisa thought to himself as his finger came up to his right eye. This rarely happened, o lay about 2 other times in his life has this ever happened. Guess the doctors were serious when they said to watch out.

He opened his eye as wide as he could with his right hand, heft hand pressing against the exposed, naked eye. He felt no pain, nothing. He felt the sensation of chains wrapping around his eye, though it wasnt actually happening. He knew exactly what was going on.

Dark blue veins pulsed around his eyes. The sensation of chains subsided as he looked again at his reflection in the water. His right eye was now a lighter, brighter shade of blue than his left. He repeated the procedure on his left eye. Now both of his eyes were a bright, happy, shade of light blue.

he knew the right side of his face was probably turning blue, as it did the two times this had happened to him before. He blinked a few times.

His eyes skimmed the top of the water, looking at l the trees reflections, so green and mighty so that when the flaming red mass of hair appeared, it stood out like an angry rash.

Nagisa turned around and settled his gaze on Karma. He still didnt feel like himself, he still needed to fix the right side of his face and his chest. He quickly realized Karma was staring at him. "W-what?" Nagisa blushed, though it only showed on hiseft cheek. The right side of his face was completely blue now. He attempted to cover it with his hair that was down, he did so successfully.

"Nagisa. What're you doing here? You've been gone for a while. I was getting bored." Karma smirked. Nagisa looked down, the lies easily came. "I thought I saw someone. Someone was here and so I decided to investigate."

Karma started walking down towards Nagisa, Nagisa unconsciously took a step back. The smirk was still evident on Karma's face. "For two hours? Must have found out who was here, right~?"

He stopped. Nagisa stopped. He was done, his patience and time was running short. He needed to finish the procedures soon. No, not soon, now.

"Karma, Im sorry, I cant lie." No. He could lie, he just didnt have the time.

He continued, "You've skipped class a lot," Nagisa smiled, "So give me a break would you?" His hair flew in the wind, revealing the right side of his face, which was becoming a darker shade of blue by the second.

Karma frowned, "Why is your hair down?" The question surprised Nagisa, if it was anyone else, they would have probably asked if he was alright and what the blue was. But this is Karma we're talking about. "...I had to." Nagisa replied shortly, the blue was reaching father down his chest, it was getting harder to breath. He needed to get away. Now.

Karma was about to say something when Nagisa felt water dripping down his face. It took him a few seconds to realize it was a tear. He didnt understand why he was crying. Karma instantly stopped whatever he was about to say to walk up to Nagisa. Surprising Nagisa by wiping the tear. "Why are you crying?" He asked.

Nagisa did not know, only that being close to a full human was dangerous for him, for Nagisa ans Karma both. So he took a step back. Not realizing he was already at the edge of the river. His eyes were wide open as he fell into it.

It wasnt until Karma started coughing up blood when Nagisa realized what was happening. This was why he didn't want to touch full humans, or 100% humans when this was happening.

Why? Nagisa has a secret, and he isn't going to tell it to anyone... if it was his own choice.

Nagisa... was already dead.


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