What is the LGBTQ+ Book of the Month?

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The LGBTQ+ Book of the Month is an initiative organized by the official Wattpad LGBTQ+ team.

Starting March 2016, we've opened up this initiative for nominations by the community. Each user is allowed to submit one story for review (though not one of your own!).

The LGBTQ+ team will vote on each book awarding it points according to Plot & character development, Spelling/Grammar/Sentence structure, and last but not least: an unbiased General opinion about the book.

The LGBTQ+ team then comes together and from the resulting top 3, picks the book that will be named LGBTQ+ Book Of The Month!

We understand that some authors have more followers and get more exposure than the lesser known authors. To provide a fair venue for exposure, we will try and feature books belonging to authors of each part of the spectrum (no pun intended).

We want to know what your favorite LGBTQ+ book is, so send us your suggestion via PM!
- Please send us the story link or story title + author
- Tell us what the LGBTQ+ aspect is
- And explain why you think this book should be LGBTQ+ Book of the Month

We accept one suggestion per person, and it can not be your own work.

Also, please ensure that your suggested story is:
- Written in English
- Well written (proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization)
- Completed
- If a series, book 1
- If a fanfic, understandable by people who are unfamiliar with the fandom
- Not featured already in any of our reading lists
- Not written by someone who already has an LGBTQ+ Book of the Month

And of course, ensure that it follows the Wattpad content guidelines.

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