The End Of Me?

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I looked him in the eyes and i started to tear up. "Don't worry Laura it's just two weeks. I will be back after!" he quickly says. I look away. He grabs my face with his hands and he makes me look in his beautiful eyes. "Listen to me i want you to promise something to me" he says. I listen. "Promise me that you won't cut yourself in the time that i'm gone" he says. I don't know if i can do it i think. I'll have to try very hard. "Okay" i say and Mark smiles. Our faces are still close to each other. His face moves closer to mine and our lips meet. The world explodes. Mark breaks my kiss and smiles at me. Then he gets up and walks towards the door. "I have to leave now but you can call me any time!" he says and he kisses my forehead.

I wanna cry but i don't want Mark to feel bad so i put on my fake smile and wave him goodbye. When he's out of sight i close the door and i sit down. Now i don't have somebody to look after me. I thought. Other thoughts interrupted me. "Laura get the hell over yourself! You're not a 8 year old! You can look after yourself."

I walked towards my room and sat down on my bed. I finally cried and i was about to grab my blade but then i thought of Mark's voice. I want to keep my promise no matter how hard it is.

13 days were spend mostly on my bed. The monster of depression won't let me go and i have to fight harder against my thoughts. My dad has abused me harder than he ever did and i feel even more broken because Mark is gone. I think about the kiss that he gave me the day he left. It's probably just a friendly kiss and i should stop having so much hope. I thought to myself. I didn't break my promise. I didn't cut and even though it was incredibly hard, i didn't do it. I walked downstairs to see my dad watching tv. He noticed me coming in and when our eyes made contact i saw the evil in his eyes. He got up and again i prepared myself for a few more kicks. I just stood there doing nothing. He walked up towards me and this time i didn't wanted him to hurt me more. Ive had enough. Why would I let someone beat me up?! I ran upstairs to my bedroom and locked the door. "I'm so glad I fixed that" I mumble to myself. I heard my dad follow me again. I quickly grabbed the keys from my bike and jumped out of my window. My window wasn't as high as i thought it would be and i landed perfectly. As fast as i could i grabbed my bike and i made my way to the Cincinnati bridge.

I didn't really knew the way to the bridge. I got lost a few times but after 50 minuter of cycling, i reached my destination. I got off my bike and walked up the bridge. I sat down on the ceiling and watched all the boats and the lights of the city. I felt broken, lost, stupid and most of all: suicidal. I didn't wanted to live anymore. My life will never get any better and everyone hates me. I thought to myself. I thought of my whole life and prepared myself to jump. At the same time I kept thinking about Mark. He said he cared about me but what if he's lying? Maybe he just feels responsible for me? I don't want him to feel responsible! It's not like he's my dad. He's probably just feeling sorry for me. I don't even care and how could he love me anyway? I'm sad all the time. Who likes to hang around with a sad person?

Mark's POV

I drove back to Cincinnati thinking of Laura. I wonder how her days went and if she missed me. I was almost at the bridge and then i would be finally back home. I enjoyed the night and the stars. "Finally" i thought when i arrived at the bridge. I decided to put my car on the other side of the road and to really enjoy the beautiful night. I walked over to the other side of the bridge and looked at the water. Then my eye fell on a girl. She was sitting on the ceiling or was she standing? Something inside me didn't felt right. I walked towards the girl and it was like i recognized her. As i came closer i saw her blonde hair, her long and thin figure IT WAS LAURA!!!

Laura's POV

I'm going to do it. I thought to myself. I looked down and saw the water under me. I was sure that i would die if i jumped off of this. I sighed and got ready to jump. My brain was a mess. What about Mark? What about the rest of my family? What if it doesn't work and i end up in a hospital? I wanted to stop thinking. Soon this hell will be over i thought to myself.

I started crying again. It wasn't fear that made me cry, it were my feelings that i had to deal with all my life.  I suddenly heard footsteps coming my way. I didn't knew who it was but i will never know who it is. I relaxed my whole body and took one last look at Cincinnati. I am going to jump this is the end of the hell. I thought to myself. "AAAAH!"
I felt two arms grabbing me. At first i tried to release myself from the strong grip but it was impossible. "LET ME GO! PLEASE!" I screamed and I tried to kick whoever was holding me but I didn't had strength inside of me so i just let it happen. I got put down on the grass with a man bend over me. As i looked closer i saw who it was. It was Mark.

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