23: The storm arrives

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"Haha dame-Tsuna is even hated by the new guy!"

"Of course he is!"

"He's fame-Tsuna after all"

"Yep, it would have been weird if he wasn't hated!"

Gokudera froze at the warmth of the smile, despite the cruel comments being thrown at the boy before huffing and sitting down in the desk behind Tsuna, glaring holes into the back of the boy's head after tossing Tsuna a note.

The brunette opened it:

Meet me at the back of the school when school is over, I've called your brother as well, neither of you can be the Decimo.

Tsuna sighed before stuffing the note into his pocket and getting up to sit in his chair.

"Tsuna are you okay?"

Takeshi asked in concern, the brunette shrugged before turning towards the front of the class.

"Whaaaa? Yamamotto cares for dame-Tsuna?!"

"Oh no, what is dane-Tsuna infects him with his stupidity?!"

A dark glint resonated within a certain hitman's onyx orbs at the whole confrontation.

'Baka-Ie will learn his place and I'll get to observe lazy-Tsuna's skills'

The hitman ignored the feeling that things were not going to turn out how he wished them too.


All through class Tsuna dealt with the glares and snide comments, he especially ignored the most heated glare from a certain silver haired male.


Ie was annoyed, no he was furious.

'How dare that bastard challenge ME of all people over the title of Decimo, I wax chosen, it is my right! That fool has no authority to steal away what is MINE!'

The teen clenched his fist holding his note angrily, it has been given to him before school by the new student.

'And how dare he have the idiocy to challenge same-Tsuna?!? He's not worth the effort to officially challenge! He's supposed to just be hanged up on randomly and neared to a pulp!'

Pure hatred was swirling within the brunette as he shot a glare towards his brother.

'He's not good enough to be challenged yet he was challenged the same was as me, as if he was just as worthy of the position as me!'


Gokudera's was perplexed as he made it through the school day, the older twin; Sawada Tsunayoshi seemed to be the receiver of much of the school's cruelness, yet the stupid brunette didn't even respond, heck, he allowed everyone to trip and lash out at him.

The younger twin on the other hand gave Gokudera the creeps, something about Sawada Ieyoshi just rubbed him the wrong way.

He wasn't sure if it was how the teen relished in his brother's misery or how he seemed to have everyone wrapped around his finger.

He only could come to one conclusion as he watched Ie insult his brother; He was a low life.

'I've still got to test both of them, I won't fail this time, I've got to find my sky....'


When school ended Ie headed straight for the back of the school, he was seething and he wanted his revenge on Gokudera for putting him on the same level as his worthless brother.

"Tch.... So you came and your wimpy brother didn't"

Gokudera stated as he took a long drag from a cigarette , Ie snarled at the silver haired teen.

"Don't you ever put me on the same level as Dame-Tsuna!"

Ie growled as he lunged.

Me: Gokudera is finally here~ after 20+ chappys.... Yay hehe~ anyway hope ya enjoyed le chappy~ cause it was fun to write~

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