Isabelle's POV

Great I was going to be late. Once again. This is now the fifth time I will be late. My dad had to take his old car to the mechanics where he works so that left me with one option. Walking.

At the age of 20 I still haven't got a car or my licence to drive. All of my friends, which isn't a lot, have all got cars.

One day I will save up with my own money and I will get a car. I don't know what car I want at the moment but I have a while for that day to happen.

Jogging the last steps to the little cozy cafe I work at I walk in making the bell above the door jingle. Some heads turn and look at me. Eyes even widen. I'm not surprised my face is probably as red as a tomato from the wind that was blowing my way making it harder for me as I was making my way here. Along with my wind swept hair.

I smile slightly before looking down and going to the staff only part where I put my bag in my locker. I put my apron on which was hanging on a peg next to my locker. I then pulled out my pen and note pad putting it in the pocket of my apron sighing before walking to where the rest of the staff were working.

"Isabella you are late." My boss, Michael said stopping me from making a subtle appearance.

"I know boss and I am sorry. I promise it won't happen again it's just my dad's car is in service at the moment and..." I start talking my hands moving around in the air as I speak only to be stopped by Michael.

"Isabella you said that it won't happen again 4 times before and the same thing is happening again. You are late time and time again." Michael wasn't that old, he was only a few years older then me. The cafe was given to him by his nan who had started the small cafe shop when she was young.

Being in London had its perks as you got lots of customers coming in every day. Some being tourists or the regulars that would come here before work or after school. But when you didn't have the right amount of staff it was hard to concentrate on all the customers and their orders.

"Please Michael you know I need this job." I pleaded to him. I knew he would give in by the way his face changed expressions from stern to comforting.

With a sigh he nodded. I squealed jumping with happiness. "But try Isabella to be on time. I know you are having a tough time at home and need this job so I will keep you on."

"I completely understand Michael, I won't let you down." I nodded smiling ear from ear.

"You still on for the Grande hotel?" Michael asked.

I nodded, "Of course I am Michael. Now I really need to get working. I think some of the staff is getting pissed of by our relationship." I tease him. A smile appears on his lips as he lets out a low chuckle shaking his head lightly.

"Well they should because we have the best friendship ever." Michael replies to my joke playing along in a high pitched girls voice.

This made me chuckle by how ridiculous he looked when he had his right hand on his hip and pretending to swipe away non existing long hair that a girl would normally do if they were angry at someone or if they were way over the top and all sassy.

"I will speak to you later alright? I have a shït load of work to do. And if one of them makes a comment you tell me straight away and I will sought them out." Michael said to me as he gave me a quick hug as I nodded against his chest. He was much taller then me which wasn't surprising as a lot of people are taller then me as I am only 5'2. It sucks to be small.

The bell jingles on the door as a young couple probably sixteen or seventeen step into the cafe. A smile makes its way on my lips as I walk over to the table they have decided to sit at.

"Hello I'm Isabella and I will be your waitress this is the menu for today." I say handing the menu's to them. "The specials today are carrot cake, lemon cake and coffee and walnut cake. I will be back in a few minutes to take your order."

They smile politely before picking up the menu's and start scanning it as they start a conversation. That being my cue to leave them alone.

Walking behind the counter I see the old woman who works here checking the till. "Hey Lynn how are you?" I liked Lynn, she was the only one apart from Michael who actually liked me here and didn't judge me when they first saw me. When I began working at the cafe a lot of the workers made rumours about me and Michael saying that we were sleeping together. Which we weren't and still aren't now.

We are close friends as he was one of the few people that actually liked me for who I was just like my other best friends, Lucy and Riley. All three of them came from good backgrounds with lots of money but as you can probably tell I wasn't one of those people. Not that I'm complaining.

"I'm good sweetheart don't worry about me. How are you?" Lynn asks stopping what she was doing and turns to me waiting for my answer.

"Yes I'm fine thank you Lynn. Will you be catering at the Grande hotel this weekend?" I asked Lynn as I helped her at the till.

"Yes I will be. I hear that the hotel will be filled up with celebrities most of them being your age and handsome men." Lynn said directly at me with raised eyebrows.

I giggled, "That's not going to happen Lynn. We will just be there for the job and that's it nothing's going to happen. Do you even know who the celebrities are going to be?"

"I believe they will be footballers from Spain." Lynn said nodding slightly when she thought hard about it.

"Alright. I will talk to you soon. I'm just going to get the couples order and then I will be right back." I said to Lynn as she nodded at me returning to what she was doing beforehand.

"Hi sorry for the wait, are you ready to order now?" I asked opening my note pad and grabbed my pen holding it when the girl nodded.

"I would like a hot chocolate with cream and a lemon cake please." The girl said before pointing to her boyfriend. "He will have a latte and a lemon cake as well."

"Of course. I'll just take your menu's and will be back with your orders in no time." I said smiling as I collected the menu's once I had put my pen and note pad back in the pocket of the apron.

"Hey Isabella could you come here for a moment please." Michael called from his office.

I hurried over to his office without knocking and went right in like I usually do. When I first did it, it annoyed the crap out of him but he has now learned to not question me about it.

"What is it Michael?" I asked taking a seat opposite from his desk.

"I need you to do waitressing instead of taking people's coats and leading them to the party that will be held." Michael said instead of a question. I guess I had no choice but to waiter not that I minded. I was actually more comfortable with waitressing then taking coats and telling people were to go.

"Of course I will. But may I ask why?" I asked interested in the sudden change.

"Jemma just called saying how she can't come because she's going to her sisters wedding in Hawaii." Michael said. To be quite honest I could tell this was making him stressed. It wasn't good for him or his girlfriend that was pregnant.

Yep Michael was going to be a daddy in 3 months time to a little boy. That's also another reason why I wouldn't sleep with him that would just be unfaithful to Diana, Michaels girlfriend. She's a lovely woman who works part time as a florist in the centre of London.

Once we had finished with the conversation I got the young couples order ready.

"Here you go one hot chocolate with cream, one latte and two lemon cakes. Enjoy." I say as I placed the food on the table holding the tray in my hand and placing it down on the pile that had already started to over flow.


Hey everyone hope you liked the first chapter, definitely more to come. I don't own Neymar (unfortunately) or any other Barcelona footballer. As for Grande hotel I have made it up as far as I know.

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