The Man

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Once There was a man named Scott.

Every morning he walked to work. One ordinary

Morning he heard a voice yell "Help!"

The voice was coming from the ground.

Scott leaned over to look into a sewage pipe,

And saw a struggling man hanging on to the

Edge. Scott quickly tried to lift the drain up

to pull the man up. The bolts in the drain were

loose so Scott new he would be able to save him.

Not until Scott slipped and let go of the mans

Hand and the man lost his grip on the edge of

the sewage pipe and disappeared into the dark

pipe. Scott watched in horror and heard a plop at

What sounded like the bottom of the pipe.

A crowd had developed and saw everything.

Suddenly and unkind teenager stepped out of

The crowd and yelled "NA NA NA NA, NA NA NA


The crowd, disgusted with his behavior gang

Tackled him to the ground and threatened to

Throw him down the pipe.

No one ever new what happened to the man who

Fell down the drain, but everyone remembered him

As "The Man"

From that day on Scott never walked to work

Ever again.



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