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"I stand in front of you, not your Valedictorian but your classmate although that it a title I was given, we all made it today, with hard work and dedication we've survived every test, essay, football game, and dance recital we've survive every long conversation with parents about what's happening after high school and I for one am sick and tired of getting asked what college I am going to" everyone laughs. "This is our time, and we made it"

Applause, I take my seat. I find Quinn in the seats, she gives me a thumb up and a huge smile. Then I look out into the crowds. Millions of families, friends, etc. Who came to see someone graduate and yet it didn't take my long to find Harry sitting, holding two bouquets of flowers, and a huge smile on his face.

We meet everyone outside, immediately we're given hugs and flowers. Then we spend 30 minutes taking pictures. Then it was off to Bouley, a fancy French restaurant that a 4.6 on yelp. We got our own private room, I sat in between Quinn and Harry, and Adlai sat on the other of Harry and Liam was on the other side of Quinn and everyone else filled in. We started by ordering drinks, I think Harry was waiting for the appropriate time to break the news.

"Attention family, I have some news" Harry says, standing. I look at Quinn who just gives me a reassuring smile. "As you know Niall is my boyfriend, and despite the obvious age difference I love him dearly" all eyes on me. "I've asked him to marry me, and he said yes" Harry says, adoring smiles and congratulations coming from everyone.

Except Gemma of course, who makes the point of standing and leaving.

"Gemma!" Anne calls after her, but he doesn't stop her. Anne stands, crossing the room she kisses the top of her head. "I am so happy for you" she whispers, before following her daughter out of the room. Harry takes his seat and after everyone stops congratulating us everyone returns to their original conversation except my friends of course who have been waiting on the edge of their seats for me to announce my wedding party.

"Now I couldn't have all of you sadly, and since Harry doesn't have many friends I've decided that Zayn and Liam you're going to be in his wedding party" I say, they nod happily. "Quinn of course is my maid of honor, and Louis you're my first groomsmen" I say.

"Yes!" Louis says.

"Since you're my only friends, that's all it's going to be" I smile.

"And that's perfectly fine" Harry says, kissing the side of my head.

"Now all we have to do is plan out who is coming, look for locations, plan a bachelor party, an engagement party, plan the reception, and..." I stop Quinn before she faints.

"Harry has found someone to help us, before you have an aneurism"

"Can't have you stressing out" Harry smiles. Anne returns taking her seat. "Where is Gemma?" Harry asks.

"She's decided that she is leaving back home" Anne says, I look at the sadness filling Harry's eyes. I stand from the table before anyone can grab me and quickly leave the restaurant. Gemma still stands outside of the restaurant probably waiting for an Uber.

"What is your deal? Do you just not like seeing your brother happy?" I say.

"Leave me alone, you child" she snaps.

"No, I will not leave you alone not until you explain to me why you hate me so much!" I say. She turns around tears welling in her eyes.

"Hate you? I don't hate you!" she snaps.

"Then please explain to me why you've been against me being with Harry since the start, you don't even know me!"

"I don't have to know you!" she says, wiping her eyes. She sighs. "Veronica, was more than just a friend to me" Gemma says.

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