04 | her body

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You tell me, "My body is too thick. Every inch, every part, everywhere."

I tell you, "Your body is a temple in which deserves worshipping."

The female body is what I would describe as an ethereal gem. Yours especially. From the curve of your collarbones to the curve of your waist, no body could compare to your divine sight − at least in my eyes. I could go to heaven for what you are.

The soft sighs that escape your lips fill my ears as my fingers dance across your hips. I relish the feeling I get when exploring your body in the most platonic way possible.

Intimacy was not needed when venturing your earthly physique. Holding you was all that I needed. Having your frame tucked safely into mine was all that I needed.

Never would and never have I put you out of your comfort zone. No was never a word that I would argue with. Permission was what I needed before ever placing my hands on you.

"Have you fallen asleep?" I questioned quietly.

A few moments of silence passed before you began to shift your body.

"No," you answered, yawning. "I'm just enjoying this."

A smile was automatically placed onto my face.

"You know," I began. "I always find something new to discover on your body every day. It makes me happy."

You laughed melodiously and scooted yourself closer towards me. The proximity of our bodies were already as close as can be. Our body heat radiated off from one another, keeping us warm.

"What did you find tonight?" You asked.

I hummed, pushed your hair to the side carefully, and placed a finger onto the dip of your neck.

"It's amazing really. You have a small group of tiny little freckles right here. They're hardly noticeable, but enough that I could easily trace them in relation to a constellation," I mumbled into your ear.


"What!?" I chuckled.

"You always claim that my words are alluring. It seems that I could say the same to you."

I shrugged my shoulders mindlessly and continued tracing the small freckles.

"Actually," I paused, "The difference between my words and yours is that yours are more thought provoking. They make you think and understand more. They're the type of things that the world deserves to hear. My words? They're just declarations. Remarks of love that are meant for you − and only you to hear, not the world."

"Sometimes it's hard for me to believe them," you muttered.

If you thought that I couldn't hear what you said you were more than wrong. The corners of my lips shifted downward.

"Well, no more speaking then. Just say yes and I'll show you how real my words are."

Nodding your head wasn't enough for me. I wouldn't do anything until I heard you vocally say yes. And when you did I swear that I did go to heaven that night.

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