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Pen Your Pride

You and Austin Were coming home from school.

"Babe you wanna help me some homework ?"

Austin asks you while throwing his arm around your shoulder.

"Of course Babe" You say pecking his soft cheek.

Austin and you were studying French and he didn't understand what
"Te Amo" was.

"Well How about this, Everytime you get an answer correct i'll take off one piece of clothing" You say Biting on your pencil.

"You better pay attention then"


"Ok so what does Te Amo mean?"

"Uhmmm I love you?"

"Correct you say taking off your sweater.


"Good" you say taking off your shirt you were now in just bra and Jeans.

Austin Moves closer to you and starts tracing circles on your stomach.

"I Love You babe, and i think i need a reward, Don't ya think?"


you say as you unclip your bra and sit on Austin's lap.

"Here's for getting one wuestion right" you say as you bend down and Kiss him passionetly.

as the kiss is getting pretty heated you managed to get Austin's Clothes off.

You now were both Completly naked skin to skin and you were grinding on his member.

"MmmMmm Austin Mmm"

you moan his name as his member was being rubbed against your slit.

Austin grabs your breast and Massages them until they are Hard.

"Ughhh" A-A-Austin"

As Austin Slides his memeber inside of you,

You grind on his Member as it is inside of you.

"Ughh Ughh Austin I'm Ganna Cum"

you say as you and Austin were about to cum.

As you feel Austin's warm liquid shoot into you, you moan.

"Austin Baby You have Passed (Y/N)'s Class"

You both put your clothes on and as you were about to leave Austin Pushes you up against the wall.

"Maybe i can take (Y/N)'s class again tommorow"

he says as he pecks you on the lips and says goodbye

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