There were better ways to start days, most days, any days in fact. Waking up to sunny weather, and then spending the day lazing around, or going anywhere but to school. But waking up to sunny weather, knowing that the day would be spent in school, a new school at that, was something of an insult; like the weather was cruelly playing a trick, purposely being nice just to rub it in that it couldn't be enjoyed, at least not fully when within school.

As far as first days went, being suddenly at the front of a small class of children of a similar age, eight-year-old Annie Lockett shifted about while Ms Rampling introduced her to the class. The class sat all eager eyed and listening intently, they were looking at Annie like she was some new, and unknown species.

She supposed that newcomers weren't a common thing around these parts.

To be fair, Annie didn't wish to be here. Moving from Gotham had annoyed her as much today, as it did when her parents first suggested the idea. They didn't wish to bring their child up in a city which was so plagued with darkness and crime, that they'd upped sticks and moved to the middle of nowhere.

Annie believed Smallville, Kansas, truly was the middle of nowhere.

In comparison to the big city which was Gotham, it was virtually a black hole. Nothing came in, and nothing left. Which was quite a good analogy considering that with the way the children looked at her was a sure sign that she was right.

Smallville, Kansas, was a black hole of nothing.

Be fair, she'd only been here for the weekend, and so far, she was rather unamused by all of it. It was so small, so much open space...farmland and nothing, cornfields, and nothing, it was all very much the same view throughout most of the small black hole of a town; the town itself was so minimal she didn't think it could even be classed as one – not that she knew what constituted to somewhere somehow managing to be classed as a town. She realised she did sound partially selfish and stuck up – as if anyone could be stuck up from the dingy part of Gotham she came from – but she was just used to hustle and bustle of city life, not this. Culture shock was putting it lightly.

Annie snapped out of her thoughts and stopped looking at the learning charts on the nearby wall when a gentle hand was placed against her back. She looked up at the curly brown haired teacher, Ms Rampling's brown eyes stared kindly down at her.

Annie sucked in a breath and let it out slowly. "I'm Annie, I moved from Gotham, hello." That was it. She wasn't exactly going to further on from what the bushy haired teacher had already said. She had seemed to make introductions so much better.

She did the whole: "Good morning class," she got a good morning sent back at her for this. "This is Annie Lockett, as of today, she will be joining us, so be sure to make her feel welcome." And that was precisely when Annie seemed to get prompted to introduce more of herself.

Yet upon merely hearing the word 'Gotham' got murmurs. Even in a black hole such as this, Gotham was very much well known. Who didn't know of it, and its dangers and reputation? Possibly some hermit far off in a hill, Annie mused.

Annie couldn't help but smile as she made her way up the aisle to a spare desk. She dropped her bag under her desk and leaned back in her chair. Evidently knowing that she'd grown up for some of her small life in such a hard city was going to give her some sort of reputation in turn, or image which she really didn't wish to live up to.

There were whisperings about nearly everything, and in the end Ms Rampling had to end up shouting gently for everyone to be quiet. Silence reigned down and enveloped the room as she went on to teach whatever lesson this even was. Truth be told, Annie wasn't really listening. She pulled out her work book and pencil case and sat leaning her chin against her hand.

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