Date night

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It's your and Gerald's date night because you two don't see each other as much as you used to. So he planned a movie and a dinner. You two set the table and made dinner. He set up (F/M) and then you guys quickly ate dinner. You two talked about a lot of stuff, like him going on tours in different countries. He learned new languages and then he started to speak them, so you tried learning them yourself, but it didn't work out so good.
"Do you want some more, love?" I asked." Yeah." He said swallowing some food. I smiled and walked over to the kitchen," I'll get you mo-AH!" Gerald had grabbed your waist and pulled you towards him, pulling you on his lap. I looked into his eyes, damn they're beautiful, I looked away and blushed." I thought you wanted more." I said barely looking up." I did, I wanted more of you." I blushed harder," O-oh. Well y-you can have me now. Since your holding me down on your lap." He smirked." Oh lord what are you planning?" He wiggled his eyebrows. He grabbed my waist and pushed me up on the table. He attacked my lips with rough kisses and then started kissing my jawline down to my neck. G licked it, nibbled on it, sucked on it ( ;D ), and kissed it. After a while, he went back up to my lips and licked my bottom lip asking for entrance. I opened my mouth slightly, and he slipped his tongue inside my mouth. He explored for a while.
~~time pass brought to you by G-eazy meeting you~~
We finally sat down and watched the movie cuddling, my makeup was pretty much screwed up, but fuck it, I quickly fixed it and continued the movie.

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