Chapter 25: Bail Money Can Go a Long Way

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The next day, I headed down the hallway and Jace stood in my way, I rolled my eyes and sighed, "What the hell do you want??"

"Why won't you go out with me?" he kept asking.

"How many times do I have to tell you? You're a man-whore, you think you're hot, you look like a dolphin with huge teeth-"

He cut me off, "I have huge teeth??"

"Yes, every time you smile, your teeth takes up your whole face and all I see is teeth, t-e-e-t-h, teeth."

He closed his mouth and his face softened, "I like a girl who can spell, especially a girl who has tattoos."

I bumped past him and went up the stairs. Since I didn't see Jett, I went into the classroom and purposely bumped Callie, she glared at me and said, "Autumn, watch where the hell you're going."

"Girl, don't cuss at me, I'm just trying to get to my seat and here you are with your dry ass weave and you're splat self, don't forget, I know about you and Ali," I scoffed.

She narrowed her eyes and stood in my way. I rolled my eyes, "Didn't I whoop your ass, do you want me to do it again?"

"No you didn't."

"Just admit it, you win some, you lose some, hoe," I pushed her out of my way and sat down.

"Ayee, I see y'all about to go in though!" Gloria came into the classroom and sat next to me, "Autumn, what's up with Jett? She thinks she's something now, she's a snitch, she even tried to fight me when I was walking over here."

"What did she say?" I aksed.

"That female bumped me and she was like, 'Oh, why you in my way, blah blah blah, don't get slick before I whoop the nastiness out of your ass,' and I was like, 'I'm not a hoe, get out of here, I'll beat you up just like I did Mel and Breesha.'" I nodded and kept on listening to what she was saying.

She continued, "She said, 'If you touch me I'll put you in jail and press charges and all of that,' the hell is wrong with this female, she has balls now, she wouldn't approach me like that if you and Scarlet were tight like y'all used to be." Her Spanish accent was in full force and she was speaking fast.

What she was saying was true and I replied, "You're right, you would be quiet if Scarlet and I were there, she's bold now because she put Scarlet in jail and got a $25,000 reward."

She nodded and said, "She thinks she's all that."

"Ms. Hernandez, Ms. Lewis, pay attention," Ms. Halland said.

"We're talking about something important," I answered.

"Like what??"

"Jail," I said.

She shrugged and gave us permission to keep on talking and Callie said, "They're talking about Scarlet and Jett."

"Callie, shut up before you don't get whooped again," Gloria snapped.

"By who??"

"By me, you better get right," she said as she bunned up her curly brown hair, Callie got up and so did Gloria. Everyone got quiet and looked at them.

"Sit down!" Ms. Halland yelled, Callie sat down and so did Gloria.

We kept on talking about Jett and class was over thirty minutes after that. She and I walked down the hallway and Jett stood in our way,

"Oh, so you're friends now??"

"We're just talking and don't forget about that attitude you gave me earlier," Gloria said as she sized her up and down.

"I will whoop the nastiness out of you," she said.

Gloria scoffed, "Jett, you're not bad, you're lame, you're not gonna do anything, so you should sit your behind down and shut up."

Jett dismissed her to the sit by the wave of her hand and got in my face, "You recruited another bum bitch?"

"Bum bitch?! I'll slap the piss out of you, estupida," Gloria seethed. "

Nope, you know what? With that attitude, you can get slapped by me, Scarlet, or Gloria," I said.

"So do it," she challenged.

Gloria charged at her like a bull attracted to a red cloth, she pushed her against a locker, but I held her back.

"I will beat your stupid behind up, you lame bum!" Gloria yelled as she threw her textbook at her, hitting her in her stomach.

Jett smirked, "So, keep at it, I'll smack that accent out of you."

"I bet you won't!"

"Girls, girls, what's the problem??" Mr. Denn asked, he got in between us and I said like a damsel in distress.

"Jett came out of nowhere and started cussing at us and she pushed her into a locker."

Jett fumed, "What the hell? Gloria pushed me into a locker!"

"Two witnesses are better than one," Mr. Den said, taking our side.

He walked away, leaving us standing face to face, "I don't see how you guys were friends," Gloria muttered as she headed down the hallway. I

smirked at Jett, "You're too funny, you have extra money and you let it go to your head." She crossed her arms over her chest and narrowed her eyes just like Ali would do.

"Don't narrow your eyes like that, it makes you look like an old librarian."

I breezed past her, I was about to walk through the main doors when someone grabbed my shoulder, I turned around and it was Jett. "What?"

"You know what, you keep on trying to pressure me into bailing Scarlet out."

I shrugged, "No I'm not, didn't you hear what she said? She has people to bail her out." The hallway was full of chatter and her voice got lower.

"I don't-," she was interrupted when the doors flew open.

Scarlet stepped in and her eyes landed on Jett and I.

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