He Is My Savior - Markiplier fanfiction

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  • Dedicated to Mark Fischbach

Laura is a girl who's struggling with depression and self harm. She never knew what truly laughing was until she saw a guy on youtube named "Markiplier". Mark lives in Cincinnati and so does she.

As I wiped my tears away i ran outside crying. After having a huge fight with my dad he kicked me on the ground. My dad is an alchoholic and he comes home drunk every night. I walked through the park feeling the soft breeze in my long blond hair. I looked at the sky. The stars were starting to appear and the sky became darker. I thought of my dad. I love him alot but i hate it that he's such an alchoholic. I slowly rolled up my sleeves and red fresh cuts were showing. As i looked at them I started crying again. I sat down on a park bench and hid my face in my hands. For some reason i coudn't stop crying. I cried every night but this time it was worse. I sobbed and suddenly i heard footsteps coming my way. It didn't even bother me who it was i just wanted to be alone for a while.

"Hey may i ask why you are crying beautiful lady?" I heard a voice say. The voice sounded familiar and my brain tried to recognize it. "Umm.. it's nothing" I said and i quickly wiped my tears away. When i looked up my heart skipped a beat. In front of me stood a guy with brown hair, glasses and a black t-shirt with a big M on it. It's MARKIPLIER!! "Oh my god Mark?!" i shout whispered and i instanly felt a little happier. "Ah you know who i am!" He said and he smiled and sat down next to me. I tried to calm down but it kinda seemed inpossible. "I watch your videos everyday and you always make me happy!" i managed to say through my stuttering. "That's awesome! I barely meet fans and i'm so glad i do now but may i ask you something?" he said. I nod and look in his chocolate brown eyes and i can't help but get lost in them. "Why were you crying?" he asks. I don't know what to say my mind is one big mess. First my dad beats me to the ground and then i suddenly meet my biggest hero! "Uhmm i just... i... i felt a little sad" i say and i look at the ground. I feel Mark's eyes "burning" on my back.

"Why did you felt sad? Sorry if i bother you with all my questions" Mark says and he sits a little closer to me. "I don't know i don't really have a reason" i said and i instanly felt guilty. I don't wanna lie to him but i was too ashamed to tell him about my dad and depression. I am scared that he'll judge me like everyone does. "Aww you know those moments will go away. Don't worry i'll help you if you feel sad!" Mark said and i smiled. He put his arm around my back and pulled me in for a hug. My heart started pumping faster and i instanly felt the love butterflies in my stomach. I blushed and i wanted to ask him a question too. "If i may ask, where do you live?" i asked and i felt stupîd. Why would he tell his address to a girl that he barely knew? But Mark didn't seem to mind. "I live in that flat over there" and he pointed at a flat that was next to my house. "I live next to your flat!" i say and i smile. "Oh that's so great!" he says and he smiles at me.

We both chatted very long and when it was turning 10 PM we both said goodbye to each other and we both walked home. I waved Mark goodbye and instanly felt a lot happier than i felt before. But when i reached my front door i started feeling nervous. What if my dad will beat me again? I opened the door as quiet as i could and i walked upstairs. It felt like i was hiding for a murderer. When i reached my door the nervous feeling went away. I locked my door and sat down on my bed. My room was the place i spend most of the day. I looked around. My room was a mess but i was too tired to clean it. Suddenly the depressed feeling came back.  Even though i met my hero Markiplier i couldn't stop the feelings. When the depression comes it won't let you go easily. I felt my eyes tearing up again but i tried to think of Mark. 

I put my earbuds in and i turned on my music. Music was the only thing that could make me feel happy. It's like you leave the world for a moment. I felt my eyes getting heavier and heavier and i fell asleep. 

I woke up breathing heavily. Another nightmare. I quickly got out of bed and went to the bathroom. I saw that my dad was still sleeping. I locked the bathroom door and looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was a mess and i looked tired. I put the shower on and wash my hair and body. When i was almost finished i heard my dad knocking on the door. "Laura get out of there i need to be on time on my work!" he shouted. "Yeah i'm almost done!!" i shouted back and i quickly put my clothes on. I opened the door and looked straight into my dad's face. "You're such a slow fat mess" he said and the moment it came out of his mouth i felt sad. I quickly walked downstairs and made myself some breakfast. As i ate i thought of Mark. I looked at his flat through the window hoping to see him but sadly he wasn't there. 

I heard my dad walk downstairs and judging by the sound of his footsteps he wasn't happy. I heard him swear. "Because of you i am late for work! I can't believe you i wish you were never born!" He screamed. I slowly walked backwards preparing for another slap in my face. He grabbed my arm very rough and he walked towards the front door. I wanted to scream of pain but it was like i forgot how to talk. He opened the door and pushed me outside. "I don't wanna see you for the rest of the day you useless slut!" he screamed and he started beating me again. He grabbed me by my throat and i couldn't breathe. "Dad... please... no..." i managed to whisper. His eyes looked at me and he pushes me to the ground removing his hand from my throat. I coughed and tried to breathe again. He closed the door and left me outside. I stood up and walked to my street. Having marks from his arm on my neck. I rubbed it and saw there was a little blood on my fingers. 

So what do you think? It might be a bit shocking but i hope you guys like it :)

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