At Big Hit, Jungkook was walking at the hallway when Seunghee suddenly approached him and clings on his arm. Jungkook tilt his head and sees her smiling at him.

"What?" He blinks.

"Let's have a double date.."

"Double date?"

"Yes, You and Eunbi. Me and Taehyung." She grins. "Please.." She used her aegyo as she pleased him.

"Fine, I'll talk to them." He nods.

"Thank you. You're the best of the best." She grins, "See you tonight." She softly peck Jungkook at the cheek and left.

Jungkook touch his cheek while watching Seunghee leaving, He smile then it fade away after. At the practice room, Taehyung and Jungkook are there.

"What? Double date?" Taehyung raised a brow.

Jungkook nods. "What did you tell her?" Taehyung blinks.

"I said, I'll talk to you and Eunbi." Jungkook nods.

"You should have told her that Eunbi or you was busy and Eunbi left the house already." Taehyung nods.

"Why? Where is she?"

"I don't know, My mom wanted me to bring her back. And I don't know why."

"So, Will you bring her back?"

"I don't know, My mom pleased me."

"Just talk to her later, Tell her to go back."

That night, Taehyung agreed to go on a double date with Jungkook, Seunghee and Eunbi. The three was in disguise for them to hide their identity while they are waiting for Eunbi, Taehyung and Jungkook are also waiting for Seunghee who went to the public comfort room.

"Do you think she will come?" Jungkook asked.

"I don't know." Taehyung shrug his shoulders.

Then suddenly SinB showed up, Jungkook and Taehyung looks at her. "Sorry if I make you wait." She bowed.

Jungkook walks toward SinB, "It's okay, The important is you showed up." He nods.

SinB looks back at Jungkook and nod her head a bit, Seunghee walks back to where they was. She greeted SinB with a smile as well as SinB. The 4 was at the amusement park, Seunghee was the one who was excited. She cling on Taehyung's arm as they walk together while Jungkook who was walking behind them with SinB was looking at his friends.

Seunghee pointed at the shooting game with stuff toys as the prize. She drags Taehyung there, Jungkook and SinB followed them, "I want that stuff toys." Seunghee pouted.

"You like it?" Jungkook asked, Seunghee nod.

"I'll get it for you." Jungkook smiled, He pays for the fair and he started shooting, He's aiming for the bulls eye to get the prize Seunghee wants and he succeed.

Jungkook hands the price to Seunghee after he received the prize, Seunghee smiles widely after getting the stuff toys she want then she looks at SinB, "Is it okay to you?" She blinks.

SinB blinks, "Huh? I mean, Of course." She smiles.

Seunghee smile back and hugs the stuff toys that made Jungkook smile, Taehyung looks at SinB. "Do you want stuff toys too?" He looks at SinB, SinB pointed at herself.

"I'm okay." She nod and smile a bit.

"Is it okay to you if I gave her the price?" He tilt his head to Jungkook, Jungkook blinks and nod.

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