Chapter Five: Finally Some Answers

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Okay everyone. Another chapter written, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. Give me some feedback. This chapter is dedicated to @soldrew for all of his encouragement. It makes me so happy to hear that someone enjoys my story so much. If anyone else would like a chapter of my story dedicated to them, give me a shout out and tell me what you think. And don't forget to stop by @soldrew 's site and check out his book. If you like mine, I think you'll like his.

Enjoy the chappy.

“I can’t do that Rem.” Liam shouts over the blaze of my body.

“Do as I say!” Remiel’s voice booms through the room drowning out the blaze.

“She’s going to hurt herself or worse someone else,” Liam shouts back. “I’m not letting go until she’s calm!”

“She won’t be calm until you let her go.” Remiel decides he’s had enough. He mentally pulls me away from Liam. “Be calm child.” He whispers into my hair.

As the flames recede, I look around the room through tear filled eyes. “Please. Don’t touch me.” I whisper before I black out.


I wake up to music playing. “Hey,” Liam says when he sees my eyes open.

“Hey. What happened?” I sit up on the couch I’ve been sat on.

“I…uh…I kinda upset you earlier.” He looks down at his hands. “I know that things have happened to you Lanna. Before you get upset, I don’t know what they are. Remiel thinks that we need to get to know each other better before you have any more training.”

“What do you mean?” I assess his stance. “Liam?”

He sighs, “Do you remember what happened earlier?” I shake my head no. “Okay. Here goes, we were training in the gym. You were still having problems focusing your fire. Are you following me?” I nod. “I made you sit down on the floor. I flashed behind you and held you in place. You started to flip out on me.”

“Why? Why do you people keep trying to touch me?” I get off of the couch and head for the door. “I just want to go home. Let me go back to my foster parents.”

“About that…Remiel said he’d be back in a bit. I’m not supposed to talk about it.” Liam runs in front of me and blocks the door. “Red…”

“Don’t. Call. Me. That,” I shout. “God! You’re so irritating. Move!”

“No. Remiel said to keep you here.” I look around the room and see another door. I start towards it. “Don’t bother Lanna. You know I can be to any of those places before you blink.”

I growl and walk back to the couch sitting down with a pout. “I’m not talking to you.”

“How very mature of you,” he chuckles. “Fine. I’ll start. Hi, I’m Liam Nathaniel Zeklos. Ten years ago I was attacked by my high school football team as a prank. They didn’t realize I was dead until it was too late.” Liam starts to pace and I look up at him. “I was kind of a nerd at the time. But, you find that the reaper genes destroy your physical flaws. So that’s when I met Samkiel.” He looks over at me and I hurry to look down.

Just as I am about to give in and talk to Liam, “Ms. Devin. Liam, I think you should see this,” Remiel says from the doorway.

“Follow me.” Liam reaches for my hand but doesn’t push the issue.

We’d been sitting in a conference type room for about an hour. “Liam, is Remiel even coming?”

“Calm down Lanna. I’m sure that whatever Remiel wants to show you, it’s worth the wait.” Liam sighs right before the door opens.

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