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Pen Your Pride

Chapter one: kidnapped

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This is my first BoyxBoy story ! Firstly, This is not an insult to MB or anyone else in or out of the story (I love them & ik they aren't gay !!!) . This story is dedicated Everyone ! I hope i get to encourage people to just be themselves NO MATTER WHAT , end of the story. Secondly, if you don't like the homoness...... Just STOP now !!! Thirdly, This story in my opinion is truly different from others.......

.......Enjoy !! <3



"Blah, blah, blah" was all i heard from this nut.

He started to cry. "And i don't know why she cheated on me!"

"maybe because you keep talking bout the same old shit" i mumble.

"Huh?" Roc said.

"Sorry to rain on your little sad as parade but....... Roc you need to shut the fuck up or take that shit somewhere else ! You broke up with that bitch six months ago........."

And before i could get the next word out he punch me in the mouth.

"Don't you ever call Justice a bitch !"

I was shocked. Did this nigga just put his hands on me. I sat for about twenty seconds before retaliating.

*BOP BOP BOP* "nigga don't you eva do that again.

He did it again. And before you knew it we was workin.


*SMACK SMACK. BOM. POP* "Did you hear that ray?"

"Hell yea!" He replied. Let's check it out.

We ran upstairs and pulled Roc and Prince apart.

I gave them the What the fuck happen look

"IM OUT !" Princeton snapped. And with that he grabbed his phone and left as Roc ran after him.


I ran and ran but this dude was still behind me screamin Jacob!, Jacob!

"WHAT!" I turned around with fire in my eyes scarring him.

"Uh, man I am incredibly sorry bro"

"Apology NOT accepted! And don't call me bro."

"common Princeton don't be like this. I was just a little stressed. I don't know what came over me." He said with a slight smile.

"Roc, i don't see anything funny." He was gonna say something but i cut him off.

"Chresanto, leave me alone now!"


Just as he turned around to walk away a black van that said we love boys pulled up next to us. Six men stepped out. "Hi Pretty boys!" One nasty looking one say.

"Ewwww!" Roc says "Uhhhh, yeah. Not interested in anything you have to offer".

They all took out guns and pointed it to us.

"Get in." One said calm.

I started to take off running but two cought me and one smacked Roc down to the ground with the gun.

"Get the fuck in the car bitches!" He said once more yelling."

"no!" I shouted wile me and Roc tried to run off again. But it was too late.

They threw me and roc in the trunk beat us with bats than locked up and drove off.


Tell me what u think so far !



P.s: I'm a really Nice/Good person and i really don't do all that cussing (no cussing at all) in real life because i don't like to and because it will just became a bad habit for me.

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