6. Nightmare

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"Shush! What do you think you are doing?" Ben's hushed voice came from behind .

I pried his hands and turned to face him.

"He called again, Ben! Delcan, he called again. He said he loved me." I cried and buried my face onto his chest.

Ben hugged me immediately and squeezed my arm to comfort me.

"It's okay, Lilly. You are just tired. "

I pulled back and shook my head. I couldn't see his face clearly in the dark room but he moonlight from the open window was enough to illuminate his worried expression.

I showed him the number on my call log.

"See! He called from this number."

A frown etched on his face, he took my mobile and dialed the number.

After a few seconds, he pulled back and said, "Switched off."

"Yes. I have been trying. But it WAS Delcan, Ben. I know it. "

Ben placed the mobile on the bed.

"He-he sounded as if he was running away from someone. Someone is-is chasing him."

Ben nodded, pushing back my fallen strands behind my ear.

"There was metal striking sound, and he is hurt Ben. He sounded hurt."

Ben nodded and pushed my face to his chest just like before, and hugged me tight.

"Okay, okay. He is safe. Don'y worry. He is safe." He cooed.

I pulled back and looked at him confused, "How do you know that?"

He took my hand and clasped my fingers into his. "Don't worry, he called me and said he is alright. He will meet you tomorrow morning. So Lilly, sleep now."

I stared at him for what seemed like ages and jerked back my arm.


His eyes widened at my outburst.


"Oh Lilly, look at me. Relax first."

Before I could smack him I heard my dad's voice on the other side of the door.

"Lilly honey?"

Ben looked terrified.

"I'm okay dad, just a nightmare." I answered back.

"Do you want me to come in?"

"No dad. It's alright. Go to bed." I answered glaring at Ben , who looked guilty.


"Save it."

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