3. Ben

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This is totally crazy. I should have called 911 . But instead I called Ben. He had been the only strong and brave pillar to me after Delcan's death . Had it not been for him I have no idea how broken I would be now. Not that I wasn't broken. We all are.

After two rings, he answered.

"Lilly." He acknowledged monotone. He was used to me calling at unholy hours now. Sometime I would call him to talk about Delcan . Sometimes to forget about Delcan.

"I think I'm going crazy, Ben."

He chuckled on the other end.

"Ben I'm serious."

"Lilly, it's very late. Go to bed now. We will talk tomorrow."

"BEN! Wait."

"Lilly." He warned.

The tears started coming.

"Hey, Lilly. You alright?"

I shook my head, and tried my best to choke my tears. "Delcan called me. "

No reply.

I wiped my eyes even though the tears kept pouring. I snuggled to the corner of my bed against the wall.

"Lilly. Sleep." He ordered.

"Ben, trust me. Or - " I started to doubt myself. Doubt my sanity.


"I'm hallucinating right? One of the symptoms of losing one's sanity."

"Crap! Where is your dad?"

"Maybe I'll end up like Ms. Jeff."

"WHERE IS YOUR DAD LILLY?" He sounded panicked.

"Ah-uh. He is asleep."

"Stay there, I'm coming."

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