Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Fliss' POV

I was ten when mom left us, not caring that she had a daughter and a husband who needed her. It's been almost seven years since she left us, dad hasn't been the same since, I wonder all the time whether him and I will ever have the relationship we had when mum was around. Probably not.  

I look over at the clock on my bedside table which unfortunately says 8:20, crap late again. I push back my blankets and stumble out of bed, why hadn't anyone woke me up? I pull on my jeans, black top and my Vans and race down the stairs grabbing my book bag on the way. Dad is sitting at the table drinking scotch...that's what it looks like anyways.

"Dad, why didn't you wake me up, you know I have school?"

"Oh Fliss, honey, it's Saturday you don't go to school on Saturdays"

He's drunk. Again.

I ignore him, and head straight for the front door.


When I get to school I go to my locker and find my best friend Lindy waiting for me, as usual we walk towards our first class which is English.

"So did you hear the news?" Lindy asks

"No. What news?"

"Jock and Brenda are officially broken up! Good news for you right Fliss."

Jock, sandy blonde hair, blue eyes and the surfer boy look, has been my crush since eighth grade, we were partners in a chemistry experiment and he told me I had pretty eyes, I've been hooked ever since. When we get to our English class we take our designated spots, coincidently, mine is next to Brenda. Brenda is the school bitch, if you not popular then you're not worth her time. Lindy and I are like nomads, we don't sit with a particular group, we just walk around. Mr Harris walks into the classroom with his usual briefcase and a stack of papers.

"Sorry I'm late class, someone vomited in the hallway. Now I expect you were all reading your books patiently. Today's lesson, we will be talking about the differences in the English language from Shakespeare's time, to nowadays."

Billy, the class joker says "Does that include swearing sir?"

This earns him a detention. Mr Harris is my favourite teacher but he can be a little harsh when it comes to people being stupid in his classes.

It's Thursday and all my classes are over, so I head over to Lindy's locker, she's standing there with her boyfriend, Sam.

"Hey lovebirds." I say jokingly.

Both of them turn around and wave to me.

"Hey Fliss, I haven't seen you much lately. Where ya been?" Sam says happily.

I laugh softly. It's true, I haven't seen him lately, him and Lindy have been spending so much alone time together, which means them making out. It also means that I try avoiding them when they are together. Today is an exception, I need girl time.

I'm not going to tell him that I had been avoiding them, so I say "I have been really busy lately. I was wondering if I could steal Lindy away from you this afternoon for a little girl time?"

Lindy smiles. "Of course you can steal me away. Groovy Juice?"

"Where else would we go on such a fine afternoon?" I say sarcastically.

"I'll call you tonight, Bye." Lindy says to Sam.

Lindy gives Sam a quick kiss, we link our arms together and start walking down the street to our favourite juice bar.


Lindy and I are sitting in our normal Groovy Juice spot near the window so we can watch the people go past. I take a sip of my Magical Mango smoothie, my favourite, and then I turn to Lindy.

"You did it didn't you."

"Did what?" She asks.

"You had sex with Sam."

"What! I did not. Why are you even asking me that?"

"Lindy, I know when you're lying, you get all defensive and your eyes get bigger. You're not a virgin anymore."

"I do not get defensive and my eyes certainly do not get bigger! I am still a virgin!" she says defensively.

"Your my best friend Lindy, I think I can tell when you're lying. If you're not going to admit it then I guess I'll just have to ask Sam then."

I take my phone out to show her I'm not kidding.

"Fliss, I cannot believe your blackmailing me!"

"Yes, I am. But we're best friends, and you're supposed to tell best friends everything." I reply.

"Fine! We did, but do not tell Sam I told you. I promised him that I wouldn't tell any of my friends and he promised me that he wouldn't tell any of his friends. I've been dying to tell you. Just do not call Sam and ask, because he'll get mad at me." She says with a bit of relief.

"I hope you were careful."

There is silence between us for about a minute.

Then she says "That's all you can say, 'I hope you were careful'."

With that, she stands up and walks out the door, I quickly grab my bag and follow her out, but it's too late, she's already on the other side of the street.

"Lindy, come back! I didn't mean to offend you! I yell after her.

I start walking towards my house and I try calling her, but it goes straight to voicemail.

When I get home I try calling Lindy again but she still doesn't answer, so I leave her a voice message saying that I'm sorry and that I'll call her again later. My dad isn't at home, so I decide to do some of my English homework and try to take my mind of Lindy.

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