Chapter 6

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Sex and Temptation; Six

Zane held Champy closely as she cried in his arms. CJ had died of an overdose, even though he was being a fucked up brother, she loved him. Before he started the drugs he was the perfect brother. He made sure no nigga ever broke her heart, put her before him, and acted as her best friend. Even when Champy was the quietest girl in high school, he talked to her and gave her the comfort she needed.

They were on Champy's bed, Zane holding Champy to his chest as she cried her eyes out.

When they called Champy's mom, she rushed straight to the hospital. Champy's mom, Gaile, was a business woman. She never spent more than twenty-four hours with her kids, but knowing that Champy went through so much in one day and her first and only son died off an heroin overdose made her realize how bad of a mother she was.

Gaile decided to take two weeks off to spend time with Champy and support her but she had to come back tonight to finish up her work before she could take a break.

She put all her trust in Zane and let him take care of her daughter until she could.

"I'm sorry." Zane whispered as she cried into his wet neck and shirt.

Champy had been crying three hours straight and it was hurting him to see her like that. It was the first time he ever saw her cry and he was hoping it was the last. He was the one that ignored everyone's warning on Jessie and continued to mess with her till she got attached.

"It's not your fault. It was his decision." Champy said as she pulled herself up and wiped her eyes.

She was more upset about her brother than she was about killing Jessie. She felt no regret for killing the woman that was about to harm the man she loved..


Zane sat up and kissed her lips softly. He moved his lips against hers as he swept his tongue across her bottom lip. She opened and let his sweet tongue invade her mouth.

His hands grabbed her hips as he pulled her on his lap, straddling him.

"Make love to me." She whispered against his lips. With everything that happened today, she needed his comfort and his warm hands caressing her body.

He moved his lips to her neck as he moved her hips, grinding her pussy against his covered dick.

He moved his tongue against her soft, brown skin. He sucked the skin softly until he pulled back and examined the pink hickey he made.

He pushed her down so she lay on her back. He bit his lip as he pulled down her leggings. He bent down and kissed her softly as he grabbed her tank top she had changed into and ripped it in half.

He kissed down her jaw to her nipple before his lips wrapped around it. He but it before he sucked away the pain as she caressed the curls in his hair.

He switched to the other one and showed it the same attention as he scraped it with his teeth. Champy moaned as he kissed down her abdomen before he kissed her panties before he ripped them off her body.

He licked his lips as he looked down at her glistening pussy before he looked up at Champy who was watching him with lust and love in her eyes.. That Zane didn't notice.

He sat up before he pulled her up on her hands and knees, he slid under her before he grabbed her ass and pushed her down on his mouth. She cried out as she watched Zane close his eyes and groan as he ate her.

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